Taking Stock....

With the close of 2010 comes the close of the decade. I can't believe how quickly time has flown by. I remember counting down the seconds to a new millennium and in the blink of an eye, ten years have gone by! I'm proud of all the things we've accomplished, both individually and as a couple, and I hope the next decade brings us the same and more.

On the stitching front, I think more than half of my finished pieces were done in this decade. There were pockets of months where I did absolutely no stitching, for whatever was the reason-of-the-moment and then pockets of months where I'd go stitch crazy and do nothing but stitch.

I've never made a solid stitching list, as I am prone to change my mind and make lots of stitching plans,  but I did one this year. As as we all can see, it didn't work out very well. LOL!

1. Start Japanese Garden and finish at least 1/2 achieved June, 2010
New Goal: Finish Japanese Garden - This is going so well and gathering so much steam that I can't fathom putting it down. The aim is to have this done by the end of August. finished Aug. 1st, 2010

2. Finish Circle of Friends finished Jan. 7th, 2010

3. Hedgehog Baby by EMS finished Feb. 27th, 2010

4. Sampler (a Wiehenburg or Garden Stars) Sweetheart Tree's Weeping Violet for Uncle Ed and Aunty Sandy - If I actually get my act together, this is a super quick finish. 1/4 of it is done since it's an orphan from a friend who started it.
"Act together" did NOT occur. ;)

5. Namaste for in-laws (let's try it again this year. LOL!) - I don't think this will make it, but I'll leave it on here for now. It's a quick stitch, but I just don't feel it, know what I mean?
I actually started this!! So that's major points. The word Namaste is finished and I've started the surrounding scroll work.

6. Tate's Kimono Mermaid or Castles in the Air Chinese Zodiacs Pig and Tiger for P and Baby P - Both of them are definitely not doable, but I think it'd be nice to aim for starting one.
Well, a new start in the new decade is always a good thing.

7. Something Mira's Winter Queen or Sabrina - I'll have to see how this goes. The dreamer in me is foreseeing starting and finishing Sabrina this year. HAH!
OK, it's settled, I'll be starting this towards the end of August. No promises on the finishing.
Sabrina was actually started and finished in about 6 weeks!!!!!!

8. Finish Regal Tiger
HAHAHAHAHA!!! I should've said, "put some stitches in Regal Tiger!"

9. Dolphin's Domain - This will have to be moved to next year.

10. Chatelaine's Mini Mandala 06... a new addition. The plan is to start this as soon as I receive the stuff from Europeanxs.com and have it done by the end of August. finished Aug. 31st, 2010

What about you guys? How did you do with your stitching plans this year?


Wendy said…
I made the best new year ( or whatever time you might like ) resolution ever ; to have no stitching goals or deadlines.
and I must say, it worked out wonderfull !!
I´m keeping that one !!
Pauline said…
I was going very well....i,m sorry to tell...hahaha :) But honestly, i didn't have any plan for my stitching work.
Mostly i do what i like to do, and i am proud of myself that i have finished a lot of things this year!( and sorry, my english is not so good...)
greetings from Pauline
ana~stitch said…
What a great update, Joyce! I think I'll do one on my blog too!
hugs, Ana
Isadarena said…
Hello Joyce, you must be proud of your finishes because as you said it vey fine : the time is flying very quickly and ....I haven't taken my photos yet : I am really ashamed !!!
Anyway, all your stitching are really great :-))
Kisses from France ,
Joysze said…
Pauline, your English is perfectly fine!! I understand you fully. :D

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