What is it, you might ask. Well, it stands for "Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long" and Daffycat has revived it again for next year! :D

This year, I got my jar pretty full when Karen brought it to our attention, and even posted some pictures of it. I have to say, it's interesting watching the scraps of colors grow and seeing how the layers change depending on the colors that are used for each different project.

For next year, I've decided to officially join in and to add to the fun of it all, there's even going to be a giveaway at the end of the year! *giggle* Now, to find a jar......

ETA: 2011 New Moon Dates:
January 4
February 3
March 4
April 3
May 3
June 1
July 1
July 30
August 29
September 27
October 26
November 25
December 24


Bonnie Brown said…
Can't wait to see your jar throught the year.
I joined last year, but never got around to posting.. I have reminders set up now this year and daffycat has treatened to hit me with a wet noodle if I don't post ;)
Kit said…
LOL I don't stitch NEARLY enough to justify such a big jar :P sounds like a fun thing though... maybe in Aus when I can settle in and stitch a lot ;)
Isabelle said…
Hi Joyce, I will follow your progress during all this year :-))
Have a sweet day,
Joysze said…
Doesn't have to be a big jar H, and it also doesn't have to get full. ;)

Bonnie, ROFL.... I hear wet noodles hurt, so you'd better post. ;)
ana~stitch said…
Have a blast Joyce! It'll be fun to watch!

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