International Hermit and Stitch Day

This came about with me mentioning that I'm going to play hermit and stitch this Saturday. To which Kim commented that she would do the same and came up with the brilliant idea of making this Saturday an International Hermit and Stitch Day.

So, I'm going to throw it to all you stitchers out there...

Come one, come all!!!
Wherever you are, whatever time zone you may be,
even if you have just a couple of hours to spare...

I will be posting a WIP pic on Monday and I think it's safe to say Kim will do the same. Please leave your blogs in the comments section, and I'll make it my mission for next week to visit and celebrate your stitching progress. :D


Bonnie Brown said…
That is going to be very easy for me this weekend... as I am going to a stitching retreat!
Great idea!!
demeter83 said…
Well, of course I'm going for it :-) Look forward to seeing everyones progress after Saturday!
Pauline said…
Ooo, i am so sorry about it...but i can,t stitch this saturday.
Of course i want very much!!
I just start a new project to work on.
But i am going out this weekend, to my very beloving i believe i get a Superweekend as well!

Wish you all a lot of beautiful stitches!!
I read about this on Sense and Stitchability a few minutes ago, and it sounds like a cool way to avoid a day where you turn and look at projects like, "Oh, geez, I don't want to touch this today! I'm way too busy staring at a wall to work on anything right now!" by pledging to work on stitching for at least a while during the day. Best of luck in gathering support for the plan!
Lesleyanne said…
I wish I could join you but unfortunately I am going to a wedding but tend to stitch and hermit on a Sunday.
Jodi said…
Love your blog! Great finishes! Cannot wait to see what you do next. :o) Have subscribed to your feed.
Kit said…
I also very much want to, but I'll have to skip this one and join you on future ones, once we've found a house in Aus ;)
I'm in!!! IHUAS Day should be an annual thing. And I'm in the UK so with at least two nations it is a trully International Phenomenon!!! Can I promote it on my blog too, to garner more recrutes?!!
ana~stitch said…
Great idea! I'm so there!!!
I'm in! That's at least 2 of us from the UK.

Pre-kids every Sat and Sun were stitching hermit time.
Ineke said…
I will join too. On Saturday or Sunday (or both days if it's possible).
Mercury said…
I will join too )))))))))

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