Namaste - Finished!

I saw this design whilst browsing and had to buy it to stitch for my mother-in-law. My in-laws visit during the winter every year and I started this last year with the intention that she see it before it's framed up... just in case she didn't like the colors hubby and I chosed. I wanted to changed it from the originally charted colors to a brighter floss. So, out came all my Vikki Clayton Silks and we picked  colors that were reminiscent of India. I also tea-dyed the linen (I believe it's 32ct) as I wanted a more earthy look to serve as a base for the bright silks, and MIL said that it was perfect cos she loves tea. LOL!!!

I made some minute adjustments to the chart and added a few lines of stitches here and there to round out the swirls.

The Particulars:
Designs by Lisa
Fabric: Self-dyed linen
Stitched 2 over 2
Floss: Vikki Clayton Silks
Finished: Jan.15th, 2011

We went to HomeGoods yesterday and found the perfect frame! It's hard to see from the picture, but there are gold swirls in the black frame that picked up the gold silks and suited them to perfection. MIL said that I should have signed the stitching, but since I don't do that, I edged-cut a note card and attached it to the back of the frame as my signature.


ana~stitch said…
That;s soooo pretty , Joyce. Your MIL must love it!
Andie said…
Congratulations! That is a lovely piece :D *hugs* hope your doing ok!
Esther said…
Your mother-in-law will love it! It's beautiful with those colors!

Just read about your grandma....
I am so sorry to hear she has passed away.
My sincire condolences.......a big hug from here.....

with love
Lesleyanne said…
A stunning finish. The frame is perfect.
Jennie said…
Gorgeous! Well done on a stunning finish, it looks lovely in the frame.
Danielle said…
What a great finish. I love it!
Stitching Noni said…
Gorgeous finish, well done :-) Can imagine that the gold flecks in the frame would add that extra nice touch as well.

Hope your doing ok
Lonneke said…
Very pretty. It must even look better irl, being stitched in silks!
I think the card is a great idea.
Blu said…
Gorgeous finish! The floss looks amazing. I like the idea of the note on the back.

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