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Martina released a new mandala a couple of days ago called Spring Knotgarden. It is a design that is gorgeous, stunning, marvelous, and breathtaking all rolled into one. I can't even begin to imagine how glorious this piece will be when it's stitched up. Everything about it calls to me: from the sweet pinks, to the vibrant yellows, to the soothing blues and greens... and that's not even mentioning the bling and specialty stitches. My heart sighs in contentment just looking at it.

So what's the problem? You ask. Well... when Martina added seasonal gardens to her original Knotgarden and Watergarden (pictured below), I toyed with the idea of stitching a set when she completes the designs. I thought that it would be so totally cool to display either the Knotgarden or Watergarden seasons and change them out with the changing seasons.

I know how prolific and talented a designer Martina is... but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought she is THIS good!! (Excuse me a moment while I bash my head!!)

You see here, presented before you, 3 Knotgarden seasons and 2 Watergarden seasons. Beautiful, aren't they? One could lose oneself in them and sit and stare and while the day away. To make matters worse (yes, I'm being very whiny today.... LOL!), I've seen a few of them stitched up and OMG!!!!

From top left: Spring Knotgarden, Summer Knotgarden, Frosty Knotgarden

From left: Autumn Watergarden, Winter Watergarden

What's the problem? You ask again. Remember that little idea I had about stitching ONE set when she's done with them? Well.... look at them!!!! How am I supposed to choose??? *pout* I love them all and I haven't even seen Autumn Knotgarden, Spring Watergarden, or Summer Watergarden. (Excuse me while I bash my head some more!!)

Which would YOU choose?


Jennie said…
Oh my - that Spring Knotgarden is *gorgeous*. I see your dilemma! However I am no help in all in suggesting that perhaps you must do *all* of them? ;)
Ineke said…
Why not collect all the charts and stitch one of them when you have time and feel like it?!
They all are irresistable!
I don't think this is of any help.
ArabicaMix said…
I saw Spring Garden and could not resist. I will sew. I really like it when someone sew collection.
I'm having the same dilema! Isn't Spring Knot garden glorious. I think the knots look more like a 'set' than the waters so far, waters are quite different sizes and shapes on close inspection, knots are all the same. But then Winter watergarden is my favourite design ever so one the whole I say "yes, all of them!"
ana~stitch said…
I'm with you, I adore this new design. I'm sure I'll sign up for it, but may not start it right away, till I get a few things finished!
Joysze said…
Well, you guys are a helpful bunch! "Stitch them all!!" they tell me. LOL!!!

Ana, I'm still lagging behind you with Hummingbird, but maybe will catch up with you so that we can SAL Spring. :D
Bec said…
Like everyone else, I say, Stitch them all!! lol

I definitely think you should should do Spring Knotgarden, it is stunning!
I want to do that myself. :)

Happy Stitching
Stitching Noni said…
Hey Joyce, they are all stunning... but I am drawn to the winter watergarden so my vote is the watergarden series!

But then I would still want to own them all just in case...

Good luck choosing! :-)
I'm voting for the knotgardens! Although I do like the winter watergarden too. As a group the knotgardens look lovely.

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