Ribbon Embroidery and Some Stash

Have you guys ever tried your hands at Ribbon Embroidery?

I was tidying up my nightstand a few days ago and found 2 heart-shaped ribbon embroidery that I did umpteenth years ago. I'd forgotten how pretty they are!! I remember finding them at Wal-Mart during our college days and totally falling in love with them, and of course, I had to try them out. I have to say....  I'm quite impressed with what I did as a first-timer. :D They are now gracing a cabinet handle in our closet and I'm tempted to stitch a more substantial one.

As for the stashing part, I found Cross Stitch World, a great online site for kit purchases. They have the best prices, online or off, and offered with free shipping after $50, which made me a little wary about their customer service. Brenda bravely placed an order and everything went perfectly; so last Thursday I bought 3 kits and they arrived today!!!

I'm most excited about Joan Elliott's Oriental Grace, as she's going to be the perfect companion to Oriental Wisdom. I will be stitching The Dolphins' Domain for a friend as his housewarming gift, and Beach Romance is for Brenda.


Oooooh, the ribbons are yummy! I've heard of ribbon embroidery but your is the first I have seen, I'd love to see some more. Is it something you just have to be clever enough to make up or can you get a chart or even a kit?

New kits look good, you are an impressive stitcher, I could never commit to all that blue in the background of the dolphins. When do you plan to start? (good job your 2011 stitching list was a 'loose' list!!)
Bec said…
Oh wow! the embroidery is stunning!!

You're very talented :) I have a couple of embroidery patterns from a magazine. They look so hard!!!

Nice kits! Cross stitch world has some great stuff on their website.

Can't wait to them stitched up.
Happy Stitching
Pauline said…
Wow, your new arrivals are all so beautiful!
I am sure you love them when you working on it.
ana~stitch said…
I love your ribbon embroidery! I did try it some years ago, but could never quite get the hang of it...
Love your new stashy purchases, too!
Kttycat said…
Your ribbon embroidery is very pretty! Thanks for the link they do have some good prices!
Jennie said…
Gorgeous ribbon embroidery - that's something I haven't tried as to be honest it looks hard, lol.

Love your new stash! :D
Blu said…
Never done any ribbon embroidery, but I've seen some online.

Yours are just gorgeous!
TammyK said…
Very cute ribbon embroidery hearts. Wouldn't know it was your first time. Looks like a pro did them. Would be cute as Christmas ornaments too. I'm jealous of your new stash, already starting to turn green :)
bren9217 said…
Oh Joyce - what am I going to do with you! I think at some point you and I need to SAL those gorgeous geisha's...........perhaps a 2012 start?

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