I'm so excited right now that if I were a cartoon, I'd have flown to the moon and back and be whirling around like a rocket in giddy excitement!!!!

Why???? Cos Martina has just posted on the Chatelaine Board that SHE'S WORKING ON A CHINESE GARDEN MANDALA!!!

I.... have.... no.... words!!!

ETA: Well, Martina released a first preview!!! Four over 1 phoenixes. YIPPPEEEE!!!!! And after staring at it non-stop, I saw the lanterns!!!


Patches said…
Screaming along with you. My bedroom is being done with an asian theme, this will be perfect. I better get stitching on Japanese Garden!

I have never joined one of Martina's groups before, this will for sure be the first.

Pauline said…
mm, i guess you're gona buy this when its in the shop....and i understand! it is very beautiful!!!
Pauline said…
O, i am back....to say this: i love your nice and friendly comments on my blog very,very much!! Thank you!
ana~stitch said…
AAACCKKK!!! I KNEW you you were gonna LOVE this!!!
Joysze said…
Pauline, I bought it!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Sierra, hurry up with your JG. They're going to look so spectacular in your newly designed room

Ana... you know me so well!! LOL!
Mercury said…
It is nice for you ))))))
I am happy
Andie said…
Lol I thought of you when I saw this :D
Stitching Noni said…
ooh aah, this is gorgeous.... I look forward to seeing yours when you get it all stitched up for us to drool over :-)

I liked your idea of the hermit Saturday... but last Saturday wasn't good to be a hermit for me - but maybe I can try that this Saturday!!! I do have a lot of stitching to do!

ArabicaMix said…
Я мечтала о Китайской мандале, когда вышивала Японский Сад! Я радуюсь вместе с тобой!

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