Why I Don't Rotate

Thanks for all your encouragement about Fire, girls. You guys are the greatest!! :D

I don't function well when I have to stitch more than one big project at a time. You should've seen me last night...

The Fire chart and floss got put away, and out came Taj. But of course, it didn't make its way straight to the scroll. Oh no!! Gazing time had to be appropriated. ;) (You guys know what I mean right?) After this had been done to my satisfaction, off came the Fire fabric, followed by more gazing time at the tiny white, cream, and light grey stitches as I said 'goodbye.' I dislike keeping needles with projects, so my John James petite was removed and stuck into the Taj fabric.

Then Taj got scrolled up and the fabric tension was adjusted all around. Out came the silks, highlighter, chart, and scissors, which were placed in their own places around my stitching spot. I sat down, leaned back, studied the chart for awhile, and picked my first color of the night. The floss was then lovingly pulled out and separated. (You're laughing right now reading this, cos you know exactly what I'm talking about... I know you do. LOL!!!) I leaned forward, picked up my scroll frame, adjusted it's position in front of me, separated 2 lengths of floss, reach for the needle.... *screeeeech.... back up*.... reach for the..... WHERE IS THE NEEDLE????!!!

Up came the scroll frame... on came the bright overhead lights... down to the carpet I went.
Mother-in-law: "What happened, did you lose a needle?"
Me: "Yup!! I forgot I stuck it in the fabric before scrolling it up!"
MIL: *leaned down to help look*
Hubby: "Try using the stick magnet."
Me: *walked around brandishing the magnet like I was a surveyor trying to find treasure*

Three minutes later, I declared that the needle can go to the land where my other needles now reside!!

After all that fiasco, what did I do? Decide that I should work on Namaste again. I'm stitching this for my MIL, and when I previously left it, I only had the word and maybe 10 stitches of the scroll work done. I've been stitching it in one of those round hand-held frames, which explains why it hasn't seen much progress since I loathe stitching in hand.

I won't bore you with the details of how Taj came off the stand and Namaste got on... but here's what it looks like after a couple of hours last night.

How about you guys? I know a lot of you rotate... how do you deal with it? And do you spend obscene amounts of time looking at your piece instead of actually STITCHING it?


Lesleyanne said…
LOL Sorry it was a really good post. I am still giggling. I use hoops so I have each project on a seperate hoop so really only need to tighten the piece before I start stitching.
Kit said…
I don't rotate, but I do spend unreal lengths of time staring at the work in progress, and ogling the chart, and pre-imagining finishing just that little area over there, and then starting that bit over here... and then I'd have done x% of the whole thing and how it'd look far more finished than it did the previous session.... etc etc LOL
Pauline said…
I'don't like to rotate my works.
I always try to finish one work before starting another one.
At this time i'm working at 2 works, the other can take a rest!
Jenny said…
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Jenny said…
LOL- those needles, I tell'ya!
I love the colors you chose for Namaste! The border is beautiful!
I am too unorganized, too impatient, and too lazy to use the same equipment for all my 40-or-so WIPs. I don't really rotate, but stitch on a bunch of stuff at the same time and I just randomly pull WIPs from the WIP pile. I do have a lot of fun though - yep, that will be my excuse for this one, I think... ;-)
ana~stitch said…
What a funny post! I had a good hoot reading it :)
I Do rotate, but I keep all my numerous projects boxed up and ready to go with all their supplies. That way I don't "waste" time putting away and then preparing stuff
Jennie said…
Loved your post! So funny. :D Although Namaste is lovely! I have several large projects on the go but find it really annoying having to swap out q-snaps etc. I'm going to buy some extra ones so I don't have to, I dislike it that much lol. I'm always losing needles, I'm sure they disappear into thin air! Oh and I always spend a lot of time looking at the chart, and the symbols, and where I'm going to start and then admiring what I've stitched. :P
Joysze said…
Glad you guys enjoyed the post, LOL!
Yvon (jioya) said…
I too, look a lot at the chart and the project i'm working on.
I rotate several projects and some use the same symbols for differend colors, so i spend a lot of time making sure i've got the right color in my needle.
ArabicaMix said…
You have such big plans for embroidery! I wish you much time to perform all scheduled work.
Bev said…
thats just cheered me up reading that, after a crappy day at work
Andie said…
lol :D Thanks for that... When I rotate I have a set amount of projects I have a drawer (pulls all the way out) from one of those plastic drawer things. I have everything I need for that project in each drawer, including scissors and highlighter. So I just pull it out, set up and go :D

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