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I was talking to some friends the other day about starting a community blog of Chatelaine Stitchers. There are so many of us out there that are in love and addicted to these wonderful designs that I thought it would be a great place get together to post and showcase our WIPs and finishes.

I was serious enough about the idea to email Martina for her ok in the matter. She graciously replied with her approval and even said that if this came to fruition, she'll be by to comment. :D

With that, and a bit more discussions, Chatelaine Stitchers was born!! It won't be anything too structured ie. there aren't any posting deadlines and the rules would be as simple as...
1. Share and revel in your Chatelaine WIPs and finishes.
2. Celebrate each other's achievements.
3. HAVE FUN!!!

We would love to have your company, be it as a contributor, follower, or occasional visitor. :)


Rachel said…
I stopped over to your new blog, how exciting!! I think it's a wonderful idea, and I can not wait to see lots of gorgeous pictures :)
Bec said…
I was wondering how long it would take for you to set one up!! LOL

I had a little peek at the blog :)
What a gorgeous layout! and such stunning photos!!

I am becoming a follower. I don't think i'll ever get around to stitching one of her designs but I love looking at them!

I'll give the blog a plug on mine to spread the word :)
Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, your had a great idea and your new born blog is just nice : I like very much the header :-))
Have a nice week-end,
I've signed up to follow your progresses on these beautiful designs! I intend to start one myself this year and promise to post pics when I do (it's in my 11 in '11 so I HAVE to do it!)

Could I make a tiny request to people who do post there? PLEASE lots of closeup pictures of the details. I LOVE admiring all the small things that are easily missed on the bigger pictures. Thank You :-)
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, congratulations on the birth of a new blog! I'll be a frequent visitor. Chatelaine - this is my love, too.
ana~stitch said…
I'm so there joyce!! Sign me UP!
Joysze said…
Thanks guys for your encouragement on this new blog!!

Bec, thanks for the plug on your blog. :D

Ana, I KNEW you'd be right there with me. Hehehehe.
Sign me up! it looks great Joyce!

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