Chinese Garden Mandala: Design To Date

I shall surely, surely faint!!!! Either that, or I'm going to keel over from excitement!!!

Martina has been releasing new pictures of the Chinese Garden Mandala daily and just when I though it can't get any better... IT DOES!!!!!!

I've been trying to be good... I have, I have... in not bombarding you guys with these pictures and me screaming and going on about it like a wild woman. I was going to wait till the design is complete and very demurely and sweetly present it to you. But bah!! Who am I kidding???? I'm literally giddy with excitement!! Ana predicted that I'm going to "drop before the class even starts" and by gollee, I think she's right!!! Or worse... hubby might need to have smelling salts with him when I'm stitching this, cos I could be fainting from the sheer excitement of every stitch!!!!!!!

Martina is almost done with the design... just the winter scene to go. This has been the progression so far... just look at all the special attention and details she's put in there!!!!!! Oh... be still, my beating heart! LOL!!!

First draft

2nd draft:
with bamboo and flowers, and 4 different color phoenix to be stitched over 1.

Chrysanthemums in the outer corners, worked in specialty stitches AND beads,
Ming vases and a row of plum flowers.

The 4 Landscapes: Rice terraces, Rocks in the Sea, Mountain Landscape, Great Wall of China.

Spring and Summer corner gardens:
Spring: A pong bridge with lacquered items and a blooming cherry tree.
Summer: Lotus flower and koi (stitched over 1)

Fall corner garden: A pond with colorful Chinese Maple trees bending over and tossing their
colored leafs which gently fly down to the earth.

Winter corner garden: Icy and snowy Chinese landscape, the frozen pond with some Mandarin ducks on it.
Wilted Rice seams the bank.

ETA: Full design released!!! :D :D :D


ana~stitch said…
You're so funny Joyce you totally crack me up!! I'm with ya on this one tho. I thought I had my stitching all planned up for this year(and probably the next couple!) then Martina comes out with this GORGEOUS thing. Well, I;m in thats all I can say...
I guess we'll have to help each other stay "paced" - but to tell the truth part of what got me about this class is the excitement of stitching along with some of my online pals! ((hug))))
Shannon said…
I'm going to definately sign up for this one. My DH has visited China twice so far for his job and has another trip there coming up soon. I think it would so nice to have this hanging up on the wall along with some of the things he has brought home and the pics he has of visiting the Great Wall.
I can see why you're so excited over this one, it is truly beautiful even in the pixellated format. Goodness knows how amazing it will look when you stitch it!
Carolyn said…
Wow it is going to be a gorgeous design once it is stitched. I can understand all your excitement. You go Girl.Thank you for sharing with us.
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, I will also embroider China-Garden. Quickly gather materials is difficult for us. Therefore, I do not know when I can start to embroider it. Everyone is talking now only about China-Garden in our Club.
Crystal said…
WOW that is going to be beautiful all stitched up. Looking forward to watching you stitch this.
Andie said…
Lol I get the impression your excited about this one :D
Bec said…
LOL! I love reading your posts about these designs.
I can see why you get so excited over it though, her designs are absolutely stunning! :)
Isadarena said…
Oh Joyce, how I understand you : it is another wonderful project from Martina :-)
I'll also sign up for thato ne but I don't know when I will start on it since I jave at present three wip you canbelieve me, I'll follow you with a great pleasure , as always !!
have a very nice day,
Patches said…
It just gets more gorgeous doesn't it? I can't wait!

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