Chinese New Year Feast 2011

As promised, here are the pictures from our Chinese New Year "Reunion Dinner" last night:

From top left to bottom right: Ian, Ailin, Joyce, Satish, my dad,
Baby Russell, my mom.

Yee Sang - served at the beginning of the meal to symbolize good luck.
Everyone at the table takes part in mixing all the ingredients together,
while wishing for prosperity, good health, and luck for the new year.

Chinese Broccoli with scallops, shiitake mushroom, and carrots.

Chinese BBQ Pork. This is one of my mom's specialties and a definite favorite.

Tilapia, cooked in a chilli sauce blend from Malaysia.

Braised pork, with shiitake mushrooms and wood ear.

Noodles, topped with a chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms, chives, and carrots sauce.


Blu said…
*more drool*
Mercury said…
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!
That food looks amazing, especially the pork. I want to eat the SOOO much. Asian food must be the best in the world I think. I'm so happy for you, this must be such a lovely time. xx
Shannon said…
Everything looks so yummy!
Kttycat said…
Oh wow it all looks so yummy! I also have to add in 'Go Blue!'
ArabicaMix said…
Joysze, I congratulate you and your family! I wish you happiness and good luck in the new year !
Pauline said…
What a lot of fine food! MMMM, i hope you enjoy it and wish you a happy new year!
Shelleen said…
OMG that food looks amazing, mmmm
Virpi said…
Looks so delicious!
Sexy Fairy said…
Shall your mother visit me???? Pleaseeeeeeee

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