February's IHSW

How was everyone's weekend? I hope y'all got a lot of stitching done, :D and I'm looking forward to heading over to your blogs to ooh and aah this week. (I've listed the participants blogs below to make the perusal easier. :D )
I managed to stitch quite a bit despite two shopping excursions to Michael's, LOL! I was hoping to have a HD today, but there are still some backstitching left. I also have french knots to do. Speaking of french knots.... what do you think? Love them? Hate them? I looooove them.

This was taken last night, and as much as I hate backstitching, they do wonders, don't they?


Yvon (jioya) said…
You did great, i think this project of yours is bigger than i thought.
And the french knots, i'm not sure, sometimes the go really easy and then i love them and sometimes they just won't keep and when they really are not going the way i want them, i simply use beads instead.

Hugs Yvon.
Jennie said…
Wow, that looks great! Nearly finished too, gosh you stitch quickly :D

Can't wait to see it finished!
Your project looks really cool so far, and I think a trip to a craft store during stitching weekend is more than acceptable! I actually think backstitching is sort of fun, but regardless of your opinion of it, the effect is very cool on your archway.
Pauline said…
O, yes, i love the french knots!
Backstitching is not always a funny job to do, but the results are mostly very pretty!
Thank you for your congratulations on my birthday, i like it!
And yes, i shall take a pictue of my presents, they are very nice!
Would you like to join my give-away? Or won't? Let me know please!
Bye, bye, Pauline
Rachel said…
Wow, it looks great!!! Backstitching can be such a pain, but the detail it adds is amazing!

Oh, and I love French knots too ;)
Lesleyanne said…
Wow its looking gorgeous. I HATE backstitching and french knots, hence the Vervacos lol.
Jenny said…
Oh wow - looks amazing! I can n ot even imagine how much stitching must have gone into this piece, it is so detailed~!
I am fine with back stitching but French knots are still hit or miss for me (even though I know how to make'em - in theory, I guess). I love projects that feature French knots though, since I exchange them for beads most of the time! Love - love - love beads & beading! :-)
wendy111 said…
Terrace arch is looking great. I can get a bit tired of backstitching if there is a lot, but it does add so much detail. I have got much better with French Knots (used to avoid projects with them) but I still have to redo them sometimes.

Thanks for the hermit weekend it is such a good idea and I did sit and stitch more than I otherwise would.

Loved checking out everyone else's progress as well.

The weekend may need it's own blog soon?

Bec said…
This project get more and more amazing each time I see it!

I really don't backstitching. It is so boring but it really does make the picture.

French Knots? They don't really bother me anymore since I know how to do them right! lol

I'm afraid that I no stitching done whatsoever on the weekend so I moved my IHSW to monday and tuesday lol

Happy Stitching
TammyK said…
Wow, you made great progress Joyce. Love the way it's taking shape. Your stitches are sooo neat. I joined in on the IHSW too, don't know how I missed your previous post but somehow I did :(
Stitching Noni said…
Wow Joyce, this is looking fantastic! Well done....

I have a love/hate relationship with french knots - when they work I love them when they don't I don't like them very much at all....

Backstitch is fine.. happy to do that as I love the way that a piece often only takes shape once the B/S is in.

Have fun with the backstitch and french knots!!
Natalija said…
Great progress! And looks so natural.
Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, wow !! you're are going to think I am a lazy girl since I haven't done many stitching this week-end to can a lot chat with our dear son Gael :-)) And as he just left this morning, I'll try to stitch a little more this evening:-)
Your Terrace si getting really nicer and nicer : what a gorgeous design !
About the french knots, I really prefer to do the Colonial knots as Reiko Kato uses for her quilts : they are easier to do and look much better .Do you know them ??
Hugs, Isa
bren9217 said…
OMG Joyce - this is beautiful! You have done a fabulous job!

Yes, french knots and I do not have a good working relationship......

Luv ya!
Joysze said…
Thanks girls. Your comments and encouragements means so much to me.

Isa.... I don't know know what Colonial knots are. Going to have to look it up. Better yet, I'll email you! :D

Bren Bren, LOL!! I told you to send me your French Knots. ;)
ana~stitch said…
Wow that's gorgeous, Joyce! Almost done!!

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