Terrace Arch and then some

Terrace Arch is coming along decently, don't you think? It's been a little slow going but I should have it done on time. :D

I've been mooning over Chatelaine's Chinese Garden Mandala and looking at charts with my mom. She likes 1 Corinthians by My Big Toe Designs, so I'll stitch that for her. Last night we were looking at Chatelaines and she liked Swan Lake. So I told her if she has a wall for it, I'll stitch it for her, then I find out the sucker is 25inches square!!!! We'll need to talk more about it. ;)

We hit the beach on Monday and it was a beautiful day!

2 nights ago, my cousin came over and we made this Malaysian dish called Assam Laksa. It's a spicy and sour noodle dish and one of my favorites!


Wendy said…
Your terrace is coming out beautiful! I love the pattern your mother choose.
Rachel said…
You are making wonderful progress on your Terraced Arch! It's so pretty :)

What a view!!! I wish I could see that outside my window instead of mountains of snow covering every inch of everything, lol!
Lesleyanne said…
Your Terraced Arch is gorgeous. Lovely progress.
Pauline said…
Your stitching work is very nice and that food is mmmmmmmmm
Enjoy your days with your family and have a nice weekend!!
Your stitching looks great.
Esther said…
wow! real nice pictures.
you're stitching is beautifulllll.

whishing you a wonderfull time with your love ones.
Yvon (jioya) said…
I love this piece and it's going to be a finish soon i think.
I also had a peek at the new designs that you are thinking about and they look great, i love the chinese one and hope that you will stitch it so we all can see how beautiful it is in real life.

Hugs Yvon.
Isadarena said…
Hey Joyce, your terrace is getting more and more nicer :-)
I am glad you have a nice weather and your meal looks so yummy :-))
Have aniceweek-end ,
wendy111 said…
Hi Joyce, terrace is looking lovely.

Your food is just making my mouth water

HJ said…
Aww, now I'm craving a bit of Xstitch!! Can't wait til we have our own place and I can settle in and stitch.

Terrace Arch looks lovely - can't wait to see it finished :)
Sexy Fairy said…
Luckily I am not preggo atm... YUMMY!!!!
vEr0n!c@ said…
Lovely progress on a beautiful design. I'm so enjoying seeing terrace coming together. I've been looking at the Chinese Garden pictures over and over again too. Really can't wait for the class to start.

Asam laksa is one of my favourite food ;)

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