IHSW - March

In the last 2 months, we've gone from International Hermit and Stitch Day to International Hermit and Stitch Weekend and have had fun with the both of them. I think it's safe to say that most of us preferred the latter as it gave us more wiggle room to stitch on either day or both. I personally stitched the entire IHSW in February. :D

I've decided to use a sign up list for our ISHW's from now on. This makes it easier for us to all sign up AND clicky links to your blogs are set in place pretty quickly. All you need to do is type in your name and blog address in the widget below and you're all set. :D

Please feel free to mention March's ISHW on your blogs with a link back to this post. Like they say.... the more, the merrier. :) Looking forward to hermitting with you guys this weekend!!


Bec said…
Third weekend of the month time already!!?? Geez that came around quick!
Very much looking forward to this IHSW because I get to spend it stitching with my Mum! :D :D

Love the new sign up widget, great idea!
Isadarena said…
Hello Joyce, I just signed up for this Hermit week-end and I hope I'll be able to finish my Japanese Garden:-))
You had a great idea !!
Rachel said…
I haven't signed up in the past, but I think I will this time around...I won't be stitching much on Saturday as I will be babysitting my friend's 1 year old little boy, but Sunday is MY day :)
Valentina said…
Just saw you've become a follower of my blog, thank you very much!!
TammyK said…
Looking forward to this weekend :)
Lonneke said…
Sounds like fun! I have some stitching time on Sunday.
Great clicky link idea for the IHAS weekends. I didn't latch onto this one as I've been away from the PC, but great idea, I'm in for sure on the next one xxx

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