Random Afternoon Question

Since we had quite a bit of fun with the last Random Afternoon Question, I thought it might be nice to make this a weekly occurrence. The idea was to do this every Wednesday. You know, as something to look forward to for the middle of the week. Well... that was until I forgot to bring my camera today to upload new Taj Mahal pictures. Siiiiigh. So, I'm doing this week's Random Afternoon Question a day early.

I've 'stolen' (in quotes cos I asked for permission to steal it and Lonneke said, "Is is considered stolen if you ask for permission? HAHAHA!) this week's question from Lonneke. (Go check out her blog. She's working on the cutest HAED QS.)

In stitching your pieces, what is more important to you: The end result or speed?

For me, it's the end result. Both hubby and I are picky about the artwork in our home, and as such, I'm very choosy about what I stitch. It has to be something we both like, as I don't think it would be fair for him to have to look at something he dislikes everyday. ;) Fortunately, we have similar tastes. :D

When I stitch, I have a mental picture of what the finished piece will look like and where it will be displayed. Gifts are stitched with that intention too... I have no attachment to the piece other than the love and care I have for the recipient and the hope that they will love it.

I'm also a hardcore finisher. I hate to leave things unfinished and having more than 2 WIPs around drives me up the wall. (Which also explains too why I'm mostly a OAATer (One At A Timer).) Many of my friends know that I despair at the thought of a new start. LOL!!! I hate seeing that empty piece of fabric and mapping out where to start and how to proceed. But once I get to about the halfway point, things really speed along and all I can think about is the finish and how it will look. One of my dearest friends says I'm a "Destination Stitcher" and I quite like that term.

So, every stitch I do go towards that end result goal. Of course, speedy stitching doesn't hurt either. ;)


wendy111 said…
The end result, I like it to be as perfect as possible! I find that is I go to fast I spend more time frogging than stitching. I do sometimes wish that things would grow quicker but this is a time available for stitching issue (not enough).

I like the idea of Random afternoon!
I think that I think more about the end result than speed most days. Otherwise, I'd never get anything done, since I'd be depressed thinking about how long things take. A really short-term project is nice sometimes, too, though, so I can't stand on either side entirely.
Lesleyanne said…
I think it is probably the end result for me. When I stitch something I tend to know where I want it go when it is finished. Also I am such a slow stitcher I don't think speed is an option lol. The random question is a great idea.
Lonneke said…
Usually I go for the end result and I don't care how long it will take me. I also always finish what I have started...eventually.
But sometimes, I just like to see some progress or result to keep me motivated. That's why I usually have a small project on the side, so I can have both, the end result and speed!
Definitely the end result, otherwise you might as well just put the designer's photo on the wall!

Although I do agree having smalls on the go at the same time is very motivating.
Nina said…
I'm a progress person. It is nice to finish something occasionally, but that's not the main point. I never compromise the appearance (as my stitching should look neat), but maybe I appreciate more speed than a result (and now I'm talking about a finish of the project).
I'm embarrassed to admit it is all about finishes for me, just as long as I keep churning them out. I collect finished stitching like school children collect football/baseball cards!! I don't abandon quality entirely, I'm just a cleptomaniac MoowaHAAAAAAAAA!!! (crazy scary laughter)

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