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What mother nature has done in Japan has been devastating and heartbreaking. It is unimaginable what they are going through right now. Just thinking about it makes me tear up and watching the videos and seeing the pictures is nothing short of horrifying.

I was telling a friend yesterday, that while we discuss it with sorrow and disbelief, it is easy to go back to our daily lives... to live and laugh, to have food when we're hungry, to have a warm bed at night...

With the sympathy and empathy, came the realization of how tremendously blessed I am... in more ways than I can count.

I am blessed to have a loving husband. One whom I'm always thankful to God (and my mom.... that's the story for another day) for. One whom I know will be there for me no matter what. One whom I can laugh with, whatever the circumstance. One whom, after all these years, I look at and think "Man, he's so darn cute!!!" and he thinks the same about me!!

I am blessed with wonderful parents and parents-in-laws. Parents who showed by example how to live and who taught us the value of family. Parents who never imposed their views on us, but rather let us find our own way.... always there to support, but never there to judge. Parents who love us unconditionally and have shown that to us since the day we were born.

I am blessed with good health and great friends. I count myself doubly blessed to be able to appreciate the beauty that is around me. It never ceases to amaze me, when I'm out driving, to see the stunning blue and white of the Florida skies, or how the sunsets change from the sweetest pastels of lilac and peach to the brightest oranges and reds with the change of the seasons.

I am blessed with the everyday comforts that I sometimes don't even think about.... having electricity and running water, hopping on the internet, going home and flopping on the couch after a long day, SOCKS when my feet are cold!!... and the list goes on!

These are just the top 4 things on my list.

What about you? What are you most thankful for?


Pauline said…
Joyce, you are so right...we all are very blessed.
I have my lovely children and i am thankful that i have met my boyfriend 4 years ago, still i am very happy with this love off my life.
And there is many more to be thankful for!
So there is my music, my choir, the church where i can go without fear and in freedom.
There is the pleasure and love off my little animals, and also hte many, many things around me to feel myself so pretty and happy, my warm house...o, Joyce, there is so much!!
I can,t stop counting al my blessings!
Isadarena said…
How you are right Joyce and how we are blessed in our life . I really feel great admiration for these people so wounded and who show so much courage to so many atrocities.
God bless them .
TammyK said…
Gave me chills to read your post. Sooo true. I'm most thankful for a loving God that helps us even thru the worst of tragedies. For the peace that passes all understanding that only He can give :)
Joysze said…
Ditto Tammy. Nothing is too big or impossible with God by our side. :)
Nina said…
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