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Mine boils down to 2 main things:

1. Both hubby and myself have to like it. We discuss pieces that I want to stitch quite a bit. He is super supportive and even if he's not in love with something, as long as he likes it a bit, he'll say "do it." But sometimes, art perfectionist that he is, he'll point out something wrong with the picture, and then, no matter how I liked it before, that flaw is all I can see. LOL!!!! (I do this to my friends too.... they've grumbled at me to no end.)

2. I have to know where it's going to go when it's finished. If it's for me, I have a wall all picked out before I even commit to thinking about stitching it. LOL! Yes, I know, I'm weird. I find that it goes a long way in motivating me when I can envision what the finished piece will look like on the wall. If it's a gift, I try and make sure that I pick something I know the other person will like, ie. dropping hints or sending them a picture outright and asking if they like it. ;)


Topcho said…
Well, for me it's usually just - it's so cute/pretty, I have to stitch it! I've never stitched anything to be framed and put on the wall up till now, but even then, I think I won't pay much attention XD Usually I don't even know at all how I'm going to finish the stitching... what a terrible desorganisation, right?
When I stitch for a present, I have a more clear idea of how the things should come in the end, but this can change in the process too. But I always try to chose a design they like too ^^
Mia said…
At the moment I really don't have to think LOL I've got so many WIPs pilling up... Just need to choose from them.

During the past years I've made my choices based on who I'm stitching for = taken part in so many exchanges that it's been rather easy :)

When I stitch for home, I enjoy stitching something I'd like to have on my wall or made as a pillow or depending on the likes of my chilren.

And I also know what I DON'T want to stitch :) That makes choosing rather easy - as if!! ;)

And depending on the time I have to stitch something eg. Our Father at the moment is something I need to get ready by next week Friday. It's a present for my parents 50th anniversary (shhh... don't tell! I haven't - at least not to them :D)

Did I make any sence... LOL :)
Joysze said…
Topcho, not disorganize at all, hehehe. It's easy to get caught up in something pretty, isn't it? It's so much fun!! :D

Mia, you made total sense. LOL!!! I like what you said about knowing what you DON'T want to stitch. "Eeeeeew, that's ugly!!!" usually does the trick. LOL!!!!
Sarah said…
**gasp** you have a hubby who takes an interest in your stitching? Where did you find him?

My number 1 criteria for deciding to stitch a piece is do I like it? If I don't like it, it doesn't get stitched.
Karyn said…
I mostly stitch video games and comic books so I usually choose something or someone I want to immortalized in stitch. I make my patterns based directly from a screenshot of a game or a pixel artist's work of my favourite characters.

For non-geeky stuff, some pieces just call to me and I have to stitch them. Granted this doesn't happen often. My passion is definitely with games related stitchings.

Also if someone like my husband or brother ask or something I'll always make it. =]
demeter83 said…
It's pretty much - do I like it?
I've got three lever arch files full of charts plus probably 8(ish) kits and half a dozen books and when I'm looking for a new project to stitch the whole lot gets spread across the living room floor.
I pick out all the ones that are springing out at me at that exact moment, generally trying to keep that list to 10 or less then they get presented to Ben and he gets to rule out any that he doesn't like. And he's surprisingly good at this, for instance he rules out anything with massive blocks of colour that he thinks I'll find boring to stitch - despite the fact that I hadn't even thought of it.
I think the last time I spread stuff across the floor in this manner was about a year ago, and it's also left me with the line up for my next four (non HAED) projects for when I finish something. So working on that basis, it's going to be years before I next have to spread everything across the floor again.
How do I decide? Like Karyn said somethings just "call" to you.

As soon as I see a piece I know if I want to stitch it or not. Then it's a matter of "can I justify buying it?", then WHEN will it fit into the schedule!

I am currently into listing everything! Hence the 11 in '11 project. I actually have nearly 40 charts in my box so that takes care of 12 in '12, 13 in '13 AND 14 in '14 without starting on books and magazines!
Nina said…
For me the question is always; do I must have it, or can I live without? If I answer yes to the first question, then I buy and stitch it. I won't stitch anything I don't like, even if it's going to be for someone else.
Lou said…
My current WIP's seem to take it in turns to 'shout' at me. The feeling is quite strange really. When deciding on which to buy, I generally deliberate over them for quite a long time and then
Pauline said…
O, Joyce!!
What a question.
Mostly i choose a design that i just like.
And then when i have framed it ,i decided the place where it is come in my house.
It could be the toilet!
But the most beautiful works are hanging on the walls of my livingroom.
When i,ve stitched a design for friends of other relatifs i just choose what i believe they like, mostly animals or hobby's.
Problem is....i like so many designs!!!And my house have no more walls...
Jenny said…
I love this question, Joyce! I am pretty sure that I will never, ever get my hubby to be remotely interested in anything I stitch, which can be used to my advantage! Hehehe... (supposed to be evil laugh). The only WIP (ok, UFO) that DH does ask about is TW's Peacock Tapestry, so I will have to finish that one up one of these says... :-(
I used to think about what would look good on the walls, but with all the birds flapping about, chewing on anything & everything, I don't really want to hang anything precious on the walls. I used to stitch a lot of smalls, but I am migrating back to samplers. So I think that these vague bullets compiles my stitching habits:
- I pick out designs that look fun to stitch - the color has to make me feel something special, so color is really important!
- I love reproduction samplers and I have started to adore primitive designs the last few years. My dream is to have a reproduction sampler wall someday!
- I enjoy stitching specialty stitches, but I try to avoid confetti stitching as much as possible. I only reluctantly stitch whole designs over-one.
- I have always enjoyed stitching table-cloths and curtains from Scandinavian design companies. That way I can keep in touch with home through my hobby.
- I collect Prairie Schooler, Clara Waever/Eva Rosenstand and Danish Fremme charts, since these designs are so much fun to stitch! I love the look of the German company Acufactum, so that really motivates me to (want to) stitch their designs too. Well, I'd better stop talking your ear off (for now... ;-))

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