Random Afternoon Question

Something non-stitching related this week: What's your favorite ice-cream flavor and do you have a favorite brand?

It's been getting really hot in S. Florida, and ice cream is sounding good again. (I think we're the only ones experiencing warm weather though, since I'm still reading and hearing about snow in other parts of the country.) I always gravitate towards coffee or chocolate.... double double dark chocolate.... yummmmmmm!!! :D

There is this SFL company, SheerBliss, that makes the absolutest best ice-cream... which reminds me... I have a can in the freezer. Anyone for ice-cream tonight?? :D


Pauline said…
My favorite flavour of ice-cream is Rum with raisins...mmmm
But i like a big almond/chocolate Magnum as well!
In holland , spring is just arrived, with a little sunshine and a little rain, so it is not really weather for eating a ice-cream, only if you want it as a desert!
Lou said…
Its got to be toffee fudge with fudge pieces! Yum - and the best place to buy this delictable ice has to be the isle of anglesea in Wales from the Joanne's ice cream van by the beach (yes we go there so much on hol's that we know her by name!) Craving ice cream now lol
Topcho said…
I'm still for a cup of hot tea rather than ice cream, lol! But as for favourite flavours, I think I like the sinple white vanilla ice cream the best.. with different kinds of topping, buiscuits and fruits!
Rachel said…
My favorite ice cream is either chocolate or strawberry...It used to be cookies and cream, but I can't have the cookies anymore due to dietary restrictions.
Ben and Jerrys Cookie Dough! I can eat 3 tubs!!!!!! Phish Food is yummie too, Great Question! xx.
wendy111 said…
In the absence of easily getting Ben and Jerry's in Australia, I have a wonderful coffee ice-cream for you Joyce. Caffe Grande with chocolate coated almonds and Grand Marnier syrup. One of my favourites to buy but I also love to make my own - flavours unlimited.
Esther said…
I want my SWAMP mcflurry!!!!!



Its not fair....you had it over there, some years ago, they never took it to europe...were they afraid it would make us all ogres???

Well I love the ben and jerry cookie dough too......so glad they found europe ;)))))
Lonneke said…
Yeah, B&J cookie dough is really nice. But I also love anything with caramel in it. Or chunks of chocolate. Yummie.
But I only like ice cream when it's hot.
demeter83 said…
I'm really late answering this week. Ben & Jerries chocolate fudge brownie - actually really like the frozen yoghurt as well

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