TUSAL & Crazy Stitching Plans

I shall start with the result of an attained goal. Thanks to Terrace Arch, my ORT jar is looking happy. I had used a normal tapestry needle since I was stitching on 14ct aida, and the thread tails were quite a bit longer. :D The blues and purple at the top are silks from Taj over the last 2 nights.

Notice I mentioned "attainable" in my first paragraph? Notice the "crazy" in my title? I present to you the following... you be the judge:
Joyce: almost had a Taj picture to show you today, but I couldn't finish the specialty stitches
Brenda: awwwww, a partial would have been good to!
J: LOL!!!!!!
fingers crossed they should be done tonight
then I just had the flower border and if I'm really good, that top part wil be done by the end of the weekend
B: wow! you go!!!!
J: hehehehe
soooooo, I'm looking at the calendar..... this is the first weekend. if I *DO* get that done, that leaves me 3 weeks to try and finish the bottom 1/3 and 4 days to bead
I crack me up!
B: oh no
J: I crack you up too????? HAHAHAHAHAHA
B: yes, yes you do
but I am envious too
your stitching is like crack
What do you guys think? Doable? We *DO* have an ISHW in a couple of weekends. :D I could've swore I told myself no more crazy ass stitching plans after I failed so miserably on Fire.


Lesleyanne said…
Your ort jar is looking good. Yeah you probably are crazy but I'm sure its doable. Tell me a cross stitcher who isn't crazy. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
Stitching Noni said…
I love reading about your crazy stitching plans... some how you seem to make them sound so do-able!

Your ORT's are looking good!

bren9217 said…
Honey - you didn't FAIL on fire.....It wasn't in the realm of your thinking that's all. You'll pick it back up at a later time. Love the ORT jar though!

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