What Do You See?

When I was stitching Japanese Garden Mandala, the corner sections, with partial colors stitched, was a constant source of fun for us. We'd come up with different scenarios of what it looks like but no matter what, I always saw the bald headed man and the spiders.

This is a picture of the paisley corners in Taj Mahal Mandala. I can't help but the face of a cheeky ape.... with his nostrils flaring and a funny grin and mustaches!!! Or it could be a hippo.... that would explain those nostrils better. LOL!!! The chinese part of me sees the beginnings of a chinese opera mask.

Hubby sees a bunny, with cute little ears... but try as I might, I just can't see that. That shows who's the sweeter of the 2 of us, huh? Although, I *DO* see a butterfly. ;)

What about you? What do YOU see? :D


Pauline said…
First i saw the bunny, than i saw the moustache, so yes, with a lot off imagination you can see a lot of things in this! Very funny and beautiful to!
Dani - tkdchick said…
Butterfly or Domino!
Isadarena said…
For me, I see a butterfly and below two dominos :-))
Lesleyanne said…
Butterfly and Masquerade mask.
This is totally a nerd answer, but I think it looks like one of the first monsters in a Tamagotchi, where it's just a blob with round eyes and something sticking out of its head. I can see the ape, too, though- the eyes in that scenario remind me of a painting of one they used to have on the wall of a now-closed Chinese restaurant.
Lou said…
I see (I know its a bit weird) a baby face. I also see what you all see, but that was the first thing that popped into my head.
Esther said…
Whaaaaaa it's an easterBUNNY!!!!
According to my hubby, it's the phantom of the opera :O (isn't he sweet??? LOLLLL)
I can see two mothers holding babies facing each other! Unfortunately the mothers seem to have anteaters' noses!!
Mia said…
Hi Joyce :)

Thanks for your comment on my blog :) Feeling much better :) And no, I didn't find my stitching glasses, so I bought new ones :D

I see both the bunny and the butterfly LOL

Happy stitching. I've got a weeks time to get Our Father ready - panic building up.... ;)
Blu said…
I see a pair of birds on the bottom. They have really long tails that loop over them. The top is just curly bits to me.
Karen said…
A Mardi Gras mask, even though Mard Gras is over for this year. Party on.

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