Making a Scroll

Remember the Swallows that Novia stitched for me? Instead of putting this gorgeous piece into a frame, we decided to make it into a scroll. I've done this to a few of my stitched pieces previously (Harmony's scroll can be seen HERE), and it's not difficult to do and adds that extra something to an asian inspired piece.

Before and after

I've had quite a few inquiries about how this is achieved, and thought I'd take some (not so great) pictures of the process.

Cut a 'backing' strip of fabric to sew your stitching on.
This will be almost the entire height of your finished scroll,
and the width of your stitched piece.

Cut 4 pieces of fabric: left, right, top, and bottom panels.
The side panels will be the height of your stitched piece.
The top panel is usually 2/3 the height of your stitched piece,
and the bottom panel is half the height of your stitched piece.

Pin the 2 side panels to your stitched piece,  front side together,
and machine sew them.

Once they're sewn together, open out the flaps and iron them flat.

Do the same to the top and bottom panels...

Here you see the face of the scroll, with the 4 panels sewn on
and ironed out.

I use a iron transfer web fusing to finish the sides.
First, iron a straight seam down the entire length of the scroll,
then iron the web to the
smaller edging.

Once the webbing has cooled,  peel the paper from the other side of the webbing,
fold your seam in and iron again.

The finished face.

For the top and bottom, I use a dowel rod. In this case, I left it in
its natural unpainted form.
For the top section, cut the dowel to the exact width of your scroll.
For the bottom section, cut a longer width, depending on your preference.

To hang up the scroll, you will need a string of some kind.
In the pass, I've used curtain holdbacks, ribbons, pearl strings etc.
For Sparrows, I used the handle from a paper bag. You know the ones from the mall?
(This one came from a BCBG bag.)

Use a glue gun to stick your fabric and dowel together.
Do this is small long sections, as you wrap the fabric around.



anojaa said…
thank you so much Joyce for the step by step description! I have always wanted to do one, whitout knowing how, The swallows look amazing in their scroll frame
Lesleyanne said…
The Swallows look gorgeous as a wall hanging. Thank you for the tutorial on how to make one.
Lou said…
What a fantastic idea of what to do with a finished piece of stitching! You have inspired me to try this out.....just need to decide with which piece! So Thanks!
ana~stitch said…
gorgeous! Thanks for the tutorial!
BlackCat said…
Awesome job. It's really pretty.
Pauline said…
It looks great!
Novia said…
LOVE IT!!!!!! When I want a scroll, I will send my stitching to you so you can make the finishing.. but remember to send it back to me :-))))
This is a gorgeous piece and I love the fabric it's stitched on ;)
MarchAnn58 said…
I love this, you make it sound so easy I may get my christmas bellpull and set it up like this. I should be able to make it work with such great directions. The stitched piece is very nice I love designs like this.
Jenny said…
Soooo pretty! I definitely have to try this sometime in the future!

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