Random Afternoon Question

This week's question was easy to come by, especially following the needle and thread questions of the last weeks. After all, what good is a needle and thread without an outlet, right? :)

What is your favorite fabric to stitch on?

I'm not too picky where fabric is concerned. If I'm stitching a kit, I use what's included, although sometimes those aida cloth is really stiff and rough, huh? For things I kit myself, I tend to cater the fabric to the project, ie. birth announcements and smaller, quick projects are usually stitched on aida. I find that they are a quicker stitch as a result of the hardiness of the fabric.

Mirabilias are almost always hand-dyed linen from Picture This Plus. I love the depth of their color range.

As for evenweaves, when I was stitching Japanese Garden, I discovered jobelan. Prior to that, I mostly used lugana and they worked just fine. But having tried jobelan, I doubt I'd go back to lugana. There's something about the feel and sheen of the former that make them such a pleasure to use.


Sarah said…
The fabric I stitch my Chats on is 28 ct white Monaco. I got several yards of e-bay a couple of years ago and love it! I use it on my HAEDs too. But, I've heard it isn't being produced anymore. Don't know the truth in that but I've had problems trying to order some recently.
My other fav is HDF 40 ct linen. I bought several yards last year and love it!
Vani said…
When I first started stitching I tried the recommended 25 count. I bought Lugana. I love how its very soft and nice to work with. But when the stitches sometimes slip, it gets on my nerves. I like stitching on Aida, I don't mind the stiffness, i like to have my stitching very taut when stitching so this helps. But more recently I have been using 22 count hardanger, I absolutely love the coverage it gives me and its aidalike stiffness!!!
Mia said…
With my eyes and sight, I prefer 28ct evenweave. It's my definite favourite!! I do stitch on aida every now and then, on linen too and sometimes I try to strugle with linen 32ct, but...
So 28ct evenweave it is :)
Lonneke said…
Well, before I discovered that internet is a great source for all stitching stuff, we didn't have much choice here in the Netherlands. You just had to be happy if the store had any fabric whatsoever. But usually you could choose between aida and evenweave. But hand-dyed fabrics are (still) not available here.
I use aida 18 or 20 count, but only if you can't see it when the stitching is done. It's cheaper (hey, I àm Dutch afterall! ;) ), but I don't think it's very pretty.
I bought some hand-dyed fabric online which I am still drooling over, but haven't been able to use yet.
Don't ask me the difference between Lugana and jobelan, I couldn't tell you!

My fabric choice depends on the project. I like to stitch HEAD's on 25 or 28 count, 1 over 1, or (if I want to be faster) on 20 count aida.
Rachel said…
I seem to gravitate more towards 32 or 28ct lugana. I used to only stitch on Belfast, and before that, it was only 14ct aida, as that is all that is sold around here. Luckily the internet is so full of fabric choices!! I don't think I have ever tried Jobelan, though I do have some small cuts hiding in the hope chest. But, I will stitch on pretty much anything!
Karyn said…
I've only tried a few different fabrics. I really love Jobelan and will continue to use it on big projects. I've also used Cashel linen which is a bit rougher. I like aida for little things as well but I find it way too stiff after using Jobelan.
Kit said…
*trying this comment thing to see if it works*

Thanks to you, I splurged and bought some Picture This Plus hand-dyed Aida ages ago for 2 projects ('Heremia' and 'Motion' - Character Creations - do you remember my agonising about choosing??).

It was so wonderful and soft, and Heremia looks stunning against the colour. I can't find the colour on their site though (maybe my screen is different LOL), but I've got 'Mystic' lined up for Motion and I can't wait!

The plain Aida is very stiff, which I guess makes it easier though :-P

* unrelated, but I really looooove Taj Mahal! It's so stunning J, congrats on another gorgeous finish!
Pauline said…
I just stitch on everything...i am hopeless, give me a needle, thread and fabric and i stitch.
Mostly i stitch on aida, but some patterns need linnen or evenweave, it doesn,t mather!
So i have no favourite.
mbroider said…
I stitch only on aida, 14 count and white - that is what is mostly available here - other than the fabric that comes with the kit. I have stitched on 18-count bookmark fabric too. Never tried evenweave. But then i love stitching on Aida.
I think I am probably considered a linen snob. My favorite linen is any hand-dyed 36 count. I am especially fond of Lakeside Linens.
anojaa said…
I love jobelan, the touch of it, the way the needle goes through it so smoothly. I don't know if it wasn't for jobelan I would have loved to stitched on 28 count. I love aida though, mostly 18 count. Right now, I'm trying some stitching on evenweave 22 count oslo. Not bad so far
I do prefer evenweave to aida. But I always forget what type it once I;ve taken it out of the packet! It doesn't help that most of my fabric comes from the LNS who often don't label it.
Bluebeard's Mermaid is on 32 count Murano and that is lovely for a Mira.
I have an aida burn on my hand from using stiff aida so I always soak it now before using.

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