Random Afternoon Question

Oh dear.... it's been such a hectic day that I totally forgot about this...

Who is/are your favorite designers and why?

I found that no matter how my tastes have changed over the years, these designers have remain constant:

Chatelaine Designs - It is impossible not to be in awe at Martina's design. She's so versatile and well-versed in the use of colors and specialty stitches, down to the smallest detail, that it's a constant joy to discover all the hidden gems in her designs. Just when you think she's outdone herself..... BAM-MO, something more spectacular hits. :D

Teresa Wentzler - Ever since I stitched Peacock Tapestry, I've loved her work. Peacock was quite a challenge as I stitched it back when it was hand charted... ugh! and the backstitching almost killed me. I don't think if I'd ever stitch another one, though I do own the Celestial Dragon kit.

Dimensions Gold Collection - Sooooooo many beautiful things.... soooooo little time. 'Nough said? LOL!

Maia Embroidery - I've yet to stitch anything of theirs, but I will... this is a promise to myself. :)


mdgtjulie said…
Wow, my fave designers. I have a lot that I like. Um, where to start???
Chatelaine ~ I really like her use of specialty stitches and sparklies. I tend to love anything large and complex, lol.
HAED ~ My fave artists there are Selina Fenech and Nene Thomas, and for the same reason. I love realistic fantasy cross stitch. They are both beautiful.
Charles Wysocki ~ I am a cat lover, and his designs are darling.
TW ~ I have The Castle on my list of to dos, along with several others.
Miribilia ~ Her ladies are so pretty and perfect, they make me want to be like them.
Lavender and Lace ~ For pretty much the same reason I like Miribilia.
Kustom Krafts ~ I love animals, real or fantasy, and they have so many pretties. I also like scenery, and they have some beautiful scenery ones!!
There are others, but I can't think of them right this instant. Good question though. I may use it for a QOTD on my groups!
Ineke said…
Chatelaine Designs: especially the garden themes.
Carriage House Hawk Run Hollow series. I have all the charts and stitched two of them.
Blackbird Designs.
Some of the HAED designs. I did start Forest Door some years ago, but haven't touched it for a long time.
And a variety of other designs, just what is calling irresistibly loud.
Jenny said…
Oh, another great question!
I started to really get into cross-stitch thanks to Teresa Wentzler. I love her designs and I also used to "live" at the TW BB back in the days. I am not a big fan of the mythical when it comes to cross-stitch, but for TW I make an exception...
Nostalgic Needle and Needle's Prayse - the designs are rich, based on traditiona and contains a bunch of specialty stitches, which makes the stitching process fun, even though most of their designs takes eons to stitch up.
Haandarbejdets Fremme and Clara Waever/Eva Rosenstand (Danish) - back to basics, the designers working for these companies are really talented in that they manage to dsign real complicated designs that are "peeled off", if that makes sense.
Charlie Harper in Stitches - He was a genious and his art was like made to translate into XS.
Goode Huswife, Barrick Designs, and CHS. Love the simplicity and the play with colors.

Now I really want to start working on stuff from all these designers. At the same time. Right now! LOL
Pauline said…
My favourite designer is Jane Metley Mahew.
Such a wonderfull designs.
I made some off them and they are very nice to stitch with beautiful details.
They are best working on evenweave or linnen.
Dimensions is also very beautiful, but i don,t like the materials.
Isadarena said…
Wow!! that's a great question....for me, I love La Chatelaine with her gorgeous Mandalas , Nora Corbett's designs and her marvellous world.....then Shepherd's bush and Prairie Schooler for her country theme:-))
Happy stithcing :-)
Like so many others - Teresa Wentzler (of course). Then Mirablia/Lavendar & Lace. Then Just Nan (surprised no-one else has mentioned her).

Recently Joan Elliot has surpassed herself and she's a new favourite.

I love the Ink Circles designs too and Chatelaines although I've never stitched one (yet!) The Chatelaines are the ones that make me gasp in amazement the most and I can't wait to stitch one.

HAED are amazing but having seen so many WIPS I don't think I'd enjoy actually stitching one.
Rachel said…
My very favorite designers are Mirabilia/Nora Corbett, Stoney Creek and my new found love, Chatelaine!
TammyK said…
I love all Dimensions designs.

HAED (mostly the artwork done by Jasmine Becket-Griffith & Myka Jelina.)

Lizzie Kate
Joy said…
I love Chatelaines, Mirabilia, Brookes Books, Plum Street Samplers, and Carriage House Samplings. All are challenging in their own way and lots of fun. I also wanted to say I am a recent follower and just love both your work and your writing. You are gifted at both.


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