A Surprise Gift & Spring Knotgarden

Thank you everyone for all your compliments and well wishes for the Taj finish! :D Ineke, this weekend I started Spring Knotgarden. ;) Veronica, Chinese Garden won't be till the end of the month as that's when the kit will arrive. More of that later....

I came in to work to a package waiting for me. I see the address of the sender and opened it with puzzlement.... and pulled out this beauty... THANK YOU, NOVI!!!!!!!

Swallows by Maia

Let me tell you about this... my darling Novi wanted me to pick something for her to stitch for me ages ago and I said I would love this for my bathroom, although I didn't think she'd be able to get to it anytime soon. You see, she has 2 beautiful boys and is studying for her medical degree and there's just not enough time in the day! Lately, she's dropped a sentence here and there about stitching something for a friend and my asking for WIP pics amounted to nothing. I chalked it up to her being too busy and ignoring me (as usual..... LOL!!!!!) and look at what she did!!!!!!!! I'm over the moon! :D :D :D

On Friday evening, I spend some quality *cough* time ironing and scrolling up 2 pieces of fabric... 1 for Spring Knotgarden and the other for Mira's Petal Fairy. :D The plan was to finish Part 1 of Spring over the weekend and then work on Petal for the rest of the time will CG. Well.... there was a slight hiccup and I almost didn't make it as I had a major frog session (damn amphibian!!!!!). You see, there are 2 very similar symbols in Part 1 and I didn't noticed till way after. So, after some deliberation with hubby, I decided to yank everything out for a re-do.

Spring Knotgarden - Floss toss

I'm happy to report that I finished Part 1 on time, minus beads. I actually didn't stitch the 4 circular areas that will lead into the flower sections. In looking at the picture, the colors there will extend outwards and I'm too lazy to start and stop all those threads. ;)

Spring Knotgarden, Pt. 1 - minus beads and circular edging.


Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, your rotation sounds quite nice :-) Hum!! your first update of the Spring Knotgarden is very nice and your floss toss looks beautiful....can you believe I can't wait to see your start on your Petal:-))
Yvon (jioya) said…
The Swallow's are looking GREAT, what a big suprise much this have been.
The new Spring Knotgarden is looking good, i love to see more soon.

Hugs Yvon.
valerie said…
Wow, what a stunning gift! Love it! Great start on your Spring Knotgarden!
Lesleyanne said…
Your gift is stunning. Great new start.
ArabicaMix said…
Oh, how tempting it looks! I really like Spring Knotgarden. I'm afraid I'll start, too
Joysze said…
Thanks girls. :D Next update will follow pretty quickly since the next part of the chart will be released in May. Then, there will be a 2 month lull. :S

Isa, I'm starting Petal tonight. :D

Svetlana.... I think you should DEFINITELY start. ;)
Novia said…
What a GREAT friend am I???!!! The one who ignore you as usual ROFL!!!!!!

Great start on the spring garden!!!
Soozie said…
First off Novi's work is MARVELOUS! What a beauty! Joysze as always your stitching is perfect. Now I would like to see Petal progress. LOL
ana~stitch said…
Those birds are beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen that pattern!
Spring Knotgarden looks great too, veeerrryyy tempting ;)
wendy111 said…
I love the swallows, lucky you!

The spring floss toss is gorgeous and I love your part 1. I have the design but will have to enjoy watching yours grow at this time.

Looking forward to seeing petal fairy, she looks like she has lovely colours.

Happy stitching and impatient waiting for your Chinese garden kit to arrive
Crystal said…
What a beautiful gift to recieve, lovely progress on your knot garden
Blu said…
What an amazing gift from Novi! Such a gorgeous design!

Lovely start on Spring Knotgarden!

I notice that you haven't said anything about HSG...
Jenny said…
Wow Joyce - that gift is wonderful!
And you needles are smoking as usual!!! lol
Mireille said…
So a beautiful gift, you may be proud on your friend :-)
I am impatient to see your Petal.
Mia said…
What beautiful work! I love the birds, they are just stunning!!
You asked about HAED LMN = Love Me Not - just got a few stitches onto it, but like stitching it :)
Happy April and lots of stitches.
vEr0n!c@ said…
Wow! The swallows looks amazing on that hand dyed fabric. It's perfect for it.

Oops... that's right, the kit's only shipping on 25th if I remember correctly. Your new start looks great! Wanna see more! ^.^
Martysmile said…
Mi piace tutto quello che ricami!!Vorrei diventare tua sostenitrice,non hai una sezione follower?
Kiss,Marta from Italy.

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