Taj Mahal Sneak Peek

I have to tell you guys... this whole working thing sure puts a damper on my stitching. I know, I know, it's been this way for years and years, but I can still complain about it right? Especially when the finish is soooooo close I can taste it. ;)

I tried to plead 'beadititis' this morning to hubby but drats, he didn't fall for it!!! LOL!!!

Here are some close-ups of the center.... I tried to get the bling to show better, but no luck. :(

P/S. An update on the lost needle.... hubby's palm made friends with it this morning. ;)


jcat0629 said…
Bling Bling Bling! Looking gorgeous!!! Ouch on the palm-meets-needle disaster though!
Crystal said…
Oh wow, that looks fantastic. Sorry about your DH finding the needle.
Isadarena said…
Wow Joyce, your beading looks fabulous and we can see their bling very nice :-))
my God !! what a dislike with the needle !!
Pauline said…
I am speakless!!!!! It is sooooooooo wonderful!!!!
Esther said…
You are a very gifted stitcher Joyce!!!!!
ArabicaMix said…
very pleased to enjoy the beads. Their brilliance adds magic embroidery.
Do not get tired of admiring colors of Taj.
Needles in the carpet I'm looking through the magnet.
I also use John James' Petite 28.
demeter83 said…
Tell me about it, I haven't actually managed to get any stitching done in over a week, it's most upsetting.
Taj Mahal is looking good though (at least the bits that we're allowed to see are :-) )
Rachel said…
Joyce, it's absolutely stunning!!!

(My husband found a needle with his arm last night, in the arm of the couch! Luckily it wasn't me this time, lol, but my son's size 24 needle!)
Novia said…
LOVELY!!! I like the beaditis... must include it in the CDC of WHO... any other like chatelainitis?
Yvon (jioya) said…
IT'S LOOKING GREAT,I hope you'll show the rest of it soon please.

Hugs Yvon.
Lesleyanne said…
The beading looks fantastic. Sorry about your DH finding the needle.
Jenny said…
Oh my goodness - that it just gorgeous, Joyce! Love it - you are doing such an amazing job on this beauty!

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