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Petal Fairy Update

OH!!!! I just noticed.... 100 Followers! How exciting!! :D Thanks all so much for keeping me company on the WWW. I truly enjoy your company and your comments, not to mention all your blogs. :D
Memorial Weekend stitching did not turn out as fruitful as I'd have hoped for Petal Fairy. There were just too many things to do!!! After finishing Part 2 of Spring Knotgarden Saturday night, I was all ready to spend most of Sunday and Monday on Petal. What do they say about the best laid plans?.... ;)
Sunday afternoon found us at Toys R Us. Hubby is collecting the latest Lego Mini Figures, and since the packs aren't label for the specific figure, we spent about 45 minutes feeling up the packs for body parts. LOL. Downright scandalous. ;) Then, we headed over to my cousin's for her son's birthday party, and that brought the night to an end.... although I did stitch till about 3 am. ;)
Getting up at 1 pm on Monday didn't help matters. My sweet neighbor was finishing up a Baby Ann…

Spring Knotgarden Pt. 2

Just put in the last stitch to Part 2 of Spring Knotgarden tonight. YAY!!!! I had abandoned it for a couple of nights after all that frogging and restitching... probably burnt out. ;) But I love it again... the colors are so sweet in person. Part 3 will be out in July, so it'll rest for awhile till then.

Petal Fairy is back on the scroll frame and she'll get some love for the next few days, as Part 3 of Chinese Garden will be released June 1st.

I'm so sorry to hear that some of you can't post pictures, that BLOWS!!! Ineke, I agree with you, it sure takes the fun out of blogging when you can't connect with your friends. :( I hope the Blogger team fixes all these problems soon.

ETA: Oh happy day!!! I see your beautiful faces on my Followers gadget again. I hope that this means that all our blogging problems will be a thing of history. :D

Blogger Problems

Blogger has been having a lot of problems lately...

First, our icon pictures disappeared... they're now back, thankfully. Then, there is the ongoing issue of not being able to comment. Fortunately, I haven't had that problem *fingers crossed*. Then there was that little thing not too long ago where they had to do a huge overhaul. Hubby calls Blogger "Google's Ginger Child™" LOL! It seems that it's never paid attention to and problems keep creeping up.

Some bloggers have mentioned over the last few weeks that their Follower's Gadget is not showing up and this problem seems to have really escalated. Mine was gone yesterday and there's a gaping hole where it should be. I'm spending some time catching up with blogs today (no thanks to a busy work week), and darn it if a lot of yours aren't gone as well. :(

I hope Blogger fixes this soon. :( How else would I find new bloggy friends otherwise? And I soooo love to see your faces on my sidebar. :(

Random Afternoon Question

Today's question could be an easy or difficult one, depending on how you see it:

If you could only pick ONE finish, which is the piece you're most proud of and why? If you have a picture, please add the link as I'd love to check it out. :D

Mine is Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry. This was my first BAP, and was purchased in the days of handwritten charts. The charting was an absolute hot mess of hard to decipher symbols, and I won't even go into the 1/4 stitches. It's a wonder I didn't swear of stitching after that. ROFL!!!

It had killer backstitching, I hate every stitch and every moment of it (LOL!!) but I'm very happy at the payoff. However, I love everything about it, the colors, the composition, the regal way he sits on the pear tree, the frame and the specialty stitches in it... the list goes on.

Since then, I've done many other projects, both big and small and every time someone asks which I'm most proud of, this is it, without the sligh…

You Guys Are the Best!!!

The ABSOLUTE best!!! :D

Thanks for all your support and words of encouragement at my time of sorrow and desolateness. *whips back of hand up and lays it on forehead* I could feel your love *dabs at eyes* as I stared at the vast expanse of hated rayon glow *sob* that seemed to laugh mockingly back at me stitch by stitch... pulling their tongues out at me in glee and laughing at my tears. *shakes fist*

LOL!!! Ok, ok.... enough of being a Drama Queen. ;)

On a serious note, I soooooo appreciate all your comments and ideas, and Novi darling... my BESTEST friend (LOL!), I will send you Part 1... in JPG form!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Missy, it wasn't horrible advice at all... in fact, it would've been the exact same thing I'd have told a stitching friend in this predicament. Caroly, kink in the system... I love it!! *giggle* Julie, Rachel, and Sierra, I just can't get pass the fact that those sections are supposed to be a single solid color, to blend in with the background and not shi…


I'm so pissed off and aggravated and disappointed, I don't want to stitch Spring Knotgarden anymore. :(

You see, there are 2 similar looking symbols (3 diagonal lines) in the chart, of somewhat similar color. One is a DMC color and the other Edmar Rayon. I stitch from the black and white chart, and when I stitched Part 1, it didn't occur to me that there were 2 different symbols. When I discovered my mistake, I sighed with resignation and frogged up all the Edmar rayon (which were a PITA to use) and redid everything. When I started Pt. 2, I was more careful and checked and re-checked. Or so, I thought...

I was feeling better yesterday, just in time for IHSW and actually finished all of that light teal color. Today, I thought I'd catch up on some blog reading before settling to stitch for the day, and saw Ineke's Part 2 and discovered this morning that I had used the freaking wrong color again!!! This time on all 4 tulip shapes, using Edmar again! :( Mine looks like…

IHSW - May

Boy... is time flying by or what??? Do you guys have a busy weekend planned? I hope that you'll find some time to have a stitch fest, no matter how short. :)

I'm not planning anything fancy, since I'm still feeling tired from being sick... so hopefully, I'll have me a grand ol' IHSW. :D

Random Afternoon Question

Hello, my dear blogging friends. First of all, an apology.... I've been playing catch up for the last 2 weeks on your blogs as work has been super hectic. I'm feeling yucky today but went in this morning to take care of some stuff and meet with my boss. I'm now home, and hopefully between finishing more work and napping, I'll be able to spend some time with your blogs.... I sure have missed reading them. :)

Today's question is another result of email chats...

What is your least favorite color to stitch?

After some thought, I've decided that mine is black. I hate how the threads are so saturated that they're 'thin' and as a result, doesn't yield the best coverage.

Spring Knotgarden Reboot

Asked for white fabbie with kit.... got antique white....
Stitched anyways.... decided I didn't like.....
Sent Part 1 to Ana... for some SAL'ing fun....
On 32ct jobelan white... Part 1's now re-done.

I went ahead and stitched the outline for the gardens in part 2 yesterday and fully intended to dive right into it today, but I woke up to a gorgeous day... The sun is barely shining, the breeze is glorious, the palm trees are rustling... and it would seem a sin to sit indoors. ;) It'll get some love later today, I'm sure... :D


... is back... YAY!!!!!! They must have worked around the clock to fix the problems. Thanks, Blogger team!! :D

I have not been able to comment on anything yesterday or see your guys' latest posts. According to the blogger status, they're working to restore all the posts from early Wednesday, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on your latest. :D

I have restarted Spring Knotgarden on the white fabbie, but it's going slow. Fingers crossed that I will have something to show you come Monday. :)

Happy weekend everyone!

Random Afternoon Question

Today's question is from Vanessa, (check her out.... her finishes are to die for!!) and came about as a result of one of our email conversations:

Do you stitch each stitch at a time (complete the full x before going to the next stitch) or go across the whole "line" with a half stitch and go back across to complete the x's? =)

My answer:
It depends on the thread and pattern. If it's a solid color, then I go \\\\\\\\ and then double back /////// and I go row by row. When it's hand dye floss, then I go x x x x x x. The only exception is Chats... I go xxxxx regardless of solid or handdye. I find that the X looks different depending on the stitching style and since she uses a blend of solids and variegated, it gives a more uniformed look.
Vanessa doesn't blog, so I'll put her answer here... I don't think she'll mind. ;)
I go across the row with a half x and then back across to complete the x. And it depends on the variegated floss. If it's not…

Chinese Garden Mandala - Pts. 1 & 2

I give you... Parts 1 & 2 of the Chinese Mandala Garden....WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! The colors are spectacular in person and I wished these pictures did it justice. The chrysanthemums, especially the corner ones, were awesome to do. Martina puts soooo much thought into her designs, it never ceases to amaze me. Now, I'll be joining Rachel in waiting for Part 3 to be released. I can hardly wait to see what Martina will do next. :D

In the interim, my white jobelan has arrived (yippee!!), so hopefully work will be kind and I'll have a new picture of Spring Knotgarden in the next few days. My little orphan that's stitched on antique white will be on its way to Ana's loving care. :D

Chinese Garden Mandala - Some close ups

I wasn't going to post today, cos I didn't want to bore you guys with more photos, but I couldn't help it.... Chinese Garden is sooooo gorgeous!!!

I didn't tell you guys, but I was soooo tempted to call in sick a few days this week so I could stay home and spend time with this baby. ;) All the grass and rice fields are finished, and the roof top is missing the metallic +, which will go in tonight. Hopefully I'll have parts 1 and 2 finished this weekend. :D Couldn't resist taking some close ups as well....

It was fun reading your comments about on the direction of your X's. I had NO idea so many of you stitch the way I do!!! This is so cool!!! :D Lonneke... I can't believe that framer put it upside down! That would've driven me insane, and I'd have to redo it so that my stitches go the 'right' way. LOL!!!

Random Afternoon Question

First off, thanks for all the compliments on the Taj frame job. :D

Today's question is an age old one and always seem to pop up, be it in forums or conversations....

How do you cross your X's?

Mine goes \ \ \ \ on the bottom and / / / /  at the top. Ana calls mine "opposite stitches." LOL!! Most of the people I know who stitch like I do are left handed, but not me. Too bad hubby doesn't do cross stitch, it'd be interesting to see how he'd do it... hahahaha!!

A note on the TUSAL... this is short for Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long. Daffycat started it again for this year, and what you do is find a container and store all your ORTs (leftover threads and stuff from stitching.... I can't remember what it stands for, do you guys?) and then post a picture in your blog on every new moon. This year's TUSAL is closed though. However, it's not to say you can't join the fun and post your TUSALs. I, for one, would love to see your colorful collections. :…

Taj Mahal Framed and TUSAL

First of all.... I'm glad y'all approve of the white fabbie for the Knotgardens. *giggle* Esther.... LOL!! I'm such an open book, huh? ;)

We finally got Taj Mahal framed. Some of you (Isa :D) have mentioned seeing it on the wall in past pictures, but I haven't said anything since that was still "For placement only." You see, we decided to frame it ourselves this time to save on cost.

So, we went to HomeGoods and found a frame in their picture section which suited Taj to the tee!! I was so happy. However, since it came with normal glass and the mat was a little bit too light for our liking, we ordered a linen mat and gallery glass separately from Michael's. Yesterday, the mat came in, and it was a beauty! Neutral and understated and the linen coating was so gorgeous that I kept touching it. :D

After dinner, I took Taj down from the wall, thinking that it won't take us but 30 minutes tops to put everything back together. Famous last words, right? Cos 2 …

Spring Knotgarden Fabbie Update

You guys are THE best.... EVAH!!! Thanks for all your input on fabbie, and you're right... if I'm wallowing so much about it now, I won't be happy with it in the long run.

So.... I went ahead and ordered a yard's worth on white jobelan from 123stitch. Why 1 yd, you ask? Well.... see..... the plan is to stitch all four seasons of the Knotgardens, and what better way to make sure that ALL the fabbie will match up? ;)

Chinese Garden Mandala and A Color Dilemma

I'm happy to report I had a pretty good stitching weekend. :D I missed a few hours on Saturday as we had our neighbor over for dinner. But at around 10pm or so, I picked up my stitching, while the boys checked out the 3D TV. LOL!!! Win-win all around, eh?

Soooooo, the plan was to try and finish Part 1 before Part 2 came out May 1st, right? You know what they say about all good plans, right??? As Svetlana and Rachel (go check out her CG progress, it's SENSATIONAL!!) gleefully (oh.... they were gleeful about it... I can tell.... LOL!!!) told me last Friday, Part 2 came out early! :O Well... what's an addicted girl to do but jump right in and start that too? ROFLMAO!!!

Ok, so I had a few problems to overcome... namely I didn't have Part 2 printed out and I couldn't seeing as how we don't have a printer at home. But.... WAIT!!!!!! 'i' devices to the rescue!!! I stitched all the lanterns using the iPod chart... so what if I had to keep tapping the screen eve…