Chinese Garden Mandala and A Color Dilemma

I'm happy to report I had a pretty good stitching weekend. :D I missed a few hours on Saturday as we had our neighbor over for dinner. But at around 10pm or so, I picked up my stitching, while the boys checked out the 3D TV. LOL!!! Win-win all around, eh?

Soooooo, the plan was to try and finish Part 1 before Part 2 came out May 1st, right? You know what they say about all good plans, right??? As Svetlana and Rachel (go check out her CG progress, it's SENSATIONAL!!) gleefully (oh.... they were gleeful about it... I can tell.... LOL!!!) told me last Friday, Part 2 came out early! :O Well... what's an addicted girl to do but jump right in and start that too? ROFLMAO!!!

Ok, so I had a few problems to overcome... namely I didn't have Part 2 printed out and I couldn't seeing as how we don't have a printer at home. But.... WAIT!!!!!! 'i' devices to the rescue!!! I stitched all the lanterns using the iPod chart... so what if I had to keep tapping the screen every few seconds to keep it awake. ;) Mwa-hahahahaha!!

I didn't finish Part 1 as planned, since I spent time ogling Part 2. ;) But here it is as of last night. I have all the specialty stitches left on both parts and then it'll be on to waiting impatiently for Part 3.

Close up of pine needles.

Close up of lanterns. Aren't the glorious? Look at the cute little tassels!!!

Ok..... so, here's a problem. Remember Spring Knotgarden? When I ordered the kit, I requested white fabric. When the package came, the fabric didn't quite look white.... but stupidly I thought, "Eh, it should work just fine." Well, when I looked at it Friday night, it was VERY obviously antique white... and I'm just not sure. :( I put a piece of white fabric next to it, and there's not much difference in the daylight, but under the lighting in my closet, there's a HUGE difference!

Hubby, after much perusal, said that I should leave it as is... then thought about it and said "but I know you, you'll want to change it." LOL!!! I'm very inclined to order new fabric and restitch it... after all, I've only done Part 1.

I just don't know if I'd be happy with stitching on antique white cos when I saw this design, I saw all the threads on WHITE.... beautiful, bright threads on WHITE. LOL!!! What do you guys think?


Joy said…
Chinese Mandalla looks wonderful!!!! I am in awe of your stitching. As for the antique white, I understand your dilema. Once your heart is set on a certain color scheme, its hard to switch. BUT..., I think it looks good. The colors looks bright to me and your stitching is superb. I vote to keep it as is. ;)
Rachel said…
You are making great progress on Chinese Mandala Joyce! I love the pine needles, they are one of my favorite parts (but then again, they are all my favorite parts!). The lanterns are just amazing. I just finished the last lantern, now to finish the flowers. Thank you so much for your kind comments about my Chinese Mandala! It makes my day! :)
Lonneke said…
Your Chinese Garden looks absolutely beautiful!
As for knotgarden, I can only say that you should do what makes you happy. You are going to put so many hours of work in it, it deserves to be 100% to your liking. You want to look at it for a long time after it is finished and you want to like what you see. So whatever you choose, make sure it is 100% good.

Oh, btw did I tell you you got me hooked on these Chatelaine designs with your gorgeous stitching and that I signed up for one?! (shaking fist at you! ;) )
Joysze said…
Lonneke..... mwa-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah!!!!
Sarah said…
Wow Joyce, your Chinese Mandala looks great!

I don't know what to tell you about Spring Knotgarden other that to do what makes you happy!
anojaa said…
The chinese mandala is gorgeous! well,for the knotgarden, I think you may change it now that you haven't done too much stitching on it yet. Otherwise, you may be wondering if it wouldn't look different on white. You have to be pleased with what you're doing. so now the choice is all yours :)
Crystal said…
Your progress on Chinese Mandala is stunning, I love watching your stitching grow.
Karen said…
Your CG is wonderful. You are such a perfect stitcher!
Spring Knot Garden -- You are stitching this for your mom, right? Where will it be hung? If in a room with natural light -- look at the colors against the fabric in natural light. If it is going to hang in your closet, then you might want to go with the color fabric you really want since the closet light shows the color difference so clearly.
mdgtjulie said…
Wow, your Chinese Mandala looks great. I really love the way it's looking. Grats on making so much progress!!! You're really moving along. As for the Knotgarden, if I were you, I'd restart it. If it's gonna bother you, you may as well do it now. If you weren't sure if it would bother you, or if it only bothered you a little bit, that would be one thing, but if your DH even knows it will bother you, order some regular white. You can frog out the antique white later, and reuse that for something else. Good luck!!
Chinese looks stunning!
You should change the fabric now before you put more stitches in it! It gets so hard to keep the mojo up on a project when you not happy about something. However I thinks it's gorgeous so far!
By the way I got an orchid this weekend! :D
valerie said…
CM looks stunning so far! I think you should do what will make you happiest with SK. If you really wanted white, I'd switch out now before too much more is stitched. It looks great as is though.
Lou said…
OMG chinese garden looks amazing - loving the pine needles and lanterns!!
And for spring knotgarden - I think you have to listen to your heart - otherwise you'll not be happy with stitching!! Even though I think it looks amazing on the antique white - you will know deep down whether you need to re-start it!
Tiffany said…
First, your Chinese Mandala is absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful stitching.

As for Spring Knotgarden, if the fabric colour is bothering you, you should change it. You don't want to have a lot more progress and decide you're not happy with the fabric colour after all.

Waiting impatiently for more updates! :)
Wendy said…
your chinese madela looks great, I love all of the special stitches !

as for the fabric, don´t get me started.
I´m just like that, I buy a kit, buy different fabric to stitch it on, and then in the last moment I change my mind and buy another colour of fabric.

so, if you find it keeps haunting you, go for the white fabric, you have mu blessing !
Pauline said…
Woooooooooooooooooooooow :0
You did a lot of work this weekend, it s amazing!!!
demeter83 said…
I think it looks lovely on the antiqute white BUT if you're not happy with it now, chances are that feeling is only going to increase as you work on it, so it might be better to admit that now rather than end up with a piece that you're not happy with.
Love the chinese one and it's progress thus far.
Lesleyanne said…
Your Chinese Mandala is absolutely gorgeous! As for Spring Knotgarden, if the fabric colour is bothering you, you should change it but I think it looks gorgeous anyway.
Yvon (jioya) said…
This is looking very very good, i love all of those speciale stitches, and the colors are so beautiful.
As for your dilemma with the fabric, i think you will be the most happy if you can stitch it on real white fabric so go for that.

Hugs Yvon.
ana~stitch said…
China looks awesome, I love it!! You'll catch up no prob :)
As for Spring Knotgarden, you have to go with your gut, otherwise it'll bug you every time you look at it, even when it's framed. That being said, if you're wondering what to do with it if you decide to restart - I'll be happy to continue it for you :) I'm also in this class, and have been wanting to start soon. Maybe we can work something out :)
I restarted PIG after getting to the 5th part on it, because I wasn't happy with the fabby color, so it does happen!
wendy111 said…
Your Chinese Garden is looking fab (just see you doing it from the iPod!. I love that you just could not wait to start part 2 as it is looking so lovely. I have done more of mine now but I am hindered by not having all my flosses yet - hopefully soon as I am running out of bits I can do.

Happy stitching
Stitching Noni said…
Stunning - Chinese garden is amazing. You have done heaps of stitching :-) Can just imagaine you sitting there stitching from the ipod!!! What a hoot... well I guess that is probably a very "green" and modern way to stitch!
Isadarena said…
Hi Joyce, You made a great progress on Chinese Mandala and that looks very gorgeous .
About your start on Spring Knotgarden, I love the fabric you chose but if you don't like it, don't insist since you won't be ever happy with it:-)

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