Petal Fairy Update

OH!!!! I just noticed.... 100 Followers! How exciting!! :D Thanks all so much for keeping me company on the WWW. I truly enjoy your company and your comments, not to mention all your blogs. :D

Memorial Weekend stitching did not turn out as fruitful as I'd have hoped for Petal Fairy. There were just too many things to do!!! After finishing Part 2 of Spring Knotgarden Saturday night, I was all ready to spend most of Sunday and Monday on Petal. What do they say about the best laid plans?.... ;)

Sunday afternoon found us at Toys R Us. Hubby is collecting the latest Lego Mini Figures, and since the packs aren't label for the specific figure, we spent about 45 minutes feeling up the packs for body parts. LOL. Downright scandalous. ;) Then, we headed over to my cousin's for her son's birthday party, and that brought the night to an end.... although I did stitch till about 3 am. ;)

Getting up at 1 pm on Monday didn't help matters. My sweet neighbor was finishing up a Baby Announcement and needed help with her french knots. So she came down for a few visits and really... how could visits go without chats sessions, right? ;) Then, hubby and I messed around with rearranging collectibles in the curio cabinet and there went most of Monday. I did finally settle down to stitch at around 9.

I have a feeling that Part 3 of Chinese Garden might be out today... I haven't checked... I'm afraid to. ROFL!!! I'm getting into a nice groove with Petal... perhaps I could wait on stitching Pt. 3 of CG? Mwa-hahahahahaha!!!

Ok.... lots of words with no pictures... so here she is:

Psst, Andie, if I'm waiting on parts while I'm stitching other things.... does it really count as a rotation? ;) LOL!


Joy said…
Wowsers. Love, love, love the fabric. Can't wait to see more. And, the knot garden looks great. I am glad you love it again. Quick to forgive the froggy. I have a great pic I am going to share of the little culprit tomorrow.
demeter83 said…
Looks gorgeous, you've done loads, and stitching to 3? That's dedication!
Don't you hate it when those plans fall apart?
Lou said…
Huge congrats on 100 followers!! And petal fairy is looking gorgeous! Loving the fabric!
Pauline said…
A great story about the lego-figures...hahahaha:)
So you see....not only the woman are grazy...the man are grazy to!
Your stitching work is GOOD, keep on going!!
jcat0629 said…
Gorgeous! She is such a pretty design & you do her justice. Love the fabbie.

And I'm not Andie, but yes it counts as a rotation! 0-: LOL
Isadarena said…
Wow Joyce, I love the hand-dyed fabric you chose for Petal Fairy: the golden colors look pretty nice on this fabby color :-))
Happy stitching :-)
Ewa said…
Sometimes it's actually nice to get a weekend away from stitching. It gives you a new found appreciation for it when you get back to it :)
Hasn't hubby downloaded the codes from t'internet? The first couple of series were easy, different barcodes. Then they used a set of dots which are harder to decode! I've found the kids don't care what they get, it's the AFL who want one of each! (Adult Fans of Lego who are as obsessed about Lego as we are about stitching!)

Back to stitching - great progress!
Rachel said…
Petal looks great Joyce! Part 3 is out today!!! I am struggling not starting right away but I really really want to finish this secret piece I am working on first. I don't know how long I can hold out...I will let you know, lol!!
Wendy said…
tell him to look at the bar-code, each pack has a different code.
ususally there are no figure´s on the code, but the stripes are different.
if he´s a true collecter, he´ll stil have the wrappings !

love your petal fairy, what a great fabric !
Andie said…
Looking gorgeous! And... no, no of course that doesn't make a rotation!????? lol
Joysze said…
Jo and Wendy, unfortunately, Series 4 has no barcode, no dots... nothing. LOL. But we found them all, so it's done till Series 5. ;)

Rachel, I feel your pain. At the moment, I'm too tired to think about switching scrolls, so Petal is staying put for while longer. Hehehe.

Jen and Andie.... ROFLMAO!
Jenny said…
I love the yellow on the linen, it is just beautiful! Reminds me that Feather Fairy is on the list of designs-that-I-really-want-to-stitch-sometime-soon.... LOL
Oh, and you got waaaay more stitched last weekend than I did - you go girl!
mdgtjulie said…
I say it counts as a rotation, just not an organized rotation. Cause you know, organized would be scheduled. Two weeks on each, or a week on each, or one page on each in this order. It's looking beautiful!! Can't wait to see your progress on this and on CGM. I haven't seen the whole thing yet (CG, I mean) but so far I've liked it a lot. Maybe have to pick it up eventually!!
Laurylyan said…
She looks gorgeous on this fabric :)
Which fabric is it?

The yellows really do show well in this lilac (?) fabric.

Ah.. the Lego Mini Figs... Best Friend collects them too and is in process to pass the virus to my DD, as in "each time we're in shop and DD sees the Mini Figs she is :Mommy! Mommy! I want some! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaassseee! Can I have some? Mommy!"
I'd almost hate him for that ;)
vEr0n!c@ said…
Petal Fairy is looking good. Love love love the fabby you're stitching her on.

By the way, just a FYI, you can take note of the barcode numbers on those mini figure packages. Each code represents a different one. However, I have no idea which is which so... can't help much still :/

Can you tell I love LEGO too? ^.^ Not that I've been collecting.

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