Random Afternoon Question

Today's question is from Vanessa, (check her out.... her finishes are to die for!!) and came about as a result of one of our email conversations:

Do you stitch each stitch at a time (complete the full x before going to the next stitch) or go across the whole "line" with a half stitch and go back across to complete the x's? =)

My answer:
It depends on the thread and pattern. If it's a solid color, then I go \\\\\\\\ and then double back /////// and I go row by row. When it's hand dye floss, then I go x x x x x x. The only exception is Chats... I go xxxxx regardless of solid or handdye. I find that the X looks different depending on the stitching style and since she uses a blend of solids and variegated, it gives a more uniformed look.

Vanessa doesn't blog, so I'll put her answer here... I don't think she'll mind. ;)
I go across the row with a half x and then back across to complete the x. And it depends on the variegated floss. If it's not very variegated, then I just stitch with it like normal. If it's wildly different colors (not different shades of the same color), then I will complete each x. I've gotten lazy in my old age........Winking smile emoticon


Yvon (jioya) said…
I do full crosses all the time.

Hugs Yvon.
In rows as much as possible - I'm really stinghy with my thread! I also plan my rows so the top leg starts in a hole with only one thread in it already.

So if I'm working from the top of a block down I will stitch left to right /// then right to left\\\ but if I'm working from the bottom up then I will stitch right to left /// then left to right \\\

This method make the stitches lie flatter I've found.

And the back has to have a nice square pattern on it with each line covered only once so it is less bumpy!
Ewa said…
It depends on where in the chart I am and where the next cross is. If there's a whole row I'll do all my /// then follow it back with \\\ but if I'm on the left and I want to be on the right because more of the color is over yonder I'll individual cross my way over until I get there.
Rachel said…
If I can, I always stitch /// then \\\. Variegated thread gets a full xxxx. Over one, no matter what kind of thread, I do xxx, I find if I don't do full crosses each time, my stitches can sometimes slip under the fabric.
I do a full cross all the time. Dont know why, its just how Ive always done it
anojaa said…
i love stitching by rows, so I do it whenever it's possible :)
Lesleyanne said…
I do xxxx all the time.
Isadarena said…
Hum!! for me, I usually do full cross but sometimes I can do a row of ///, then a row of \\\ ..In fact, that depends of the chart and overall if i have to change of threads very often!
Wendy said…
me to, I do rows, a much as possible.
I find that gives the nices results.
but, with variegated floss I do single X - es aswell.
TammyK said…
I always stitch in rows as well unless it's variegated :)
Mia said…
Row by row ///// and back \\\\ with solid colours, unless it's one x here, an other x there, then I stitch them as x's.

Varigated and hand dyed I stitch x's
wendy111 said…
Since I started doing Chatelaine's I have been doing each stitch individually, and this has passed on to other pieces. I still do some in rows where there is a bigger area in the same colour (and not variegated).
Patches said…
depends on the piece.

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