Random Afternoon Question

Today's question could be an easy or difficult one, depending on how you see it:

If you could only pick ONE finish, which is the piece you're most proud of and why? If you have a picture, please add the link as I'd love to check it out. :D

Mine is Teresa Wentzler's Peacock Tapestry. This was my first BAP, and was purchased in the days of handwritten charts. The charting was an absolute hot mess of hard to decipher symbols, and I won't even go into the 1/4 stitches. It's a wonder I didn't swear of stitching after that. ROFL!!!

It had killer backstitching, I hate every stitch and every moment of it (LOL!!) but I'm very happy at the payoff. However, I love everything about it, the colors, the composition, the regal way he sits on the pear tree, the frame and the specialty stitches in it... the list goes on.

Since then, I've done many other projects, both big and small and every time someone asks which I'm most proud of, this is it, without the slightest hesitation. :D


Pauline said…
Your peacock is a very difficult work, you sure can be proud!!
And yes...i have many projects finished, so wich is the one i am the most proud of??
A difficult question!
I think it is the photograph of my boyfriend, i stitched as a surprise for him, on this picture he was a little boy, living in South Africa.
I shall put a picture of this work on my blog, i am not so good in making a link...
Tama said…
Hmm... probably Vash.
I have stitched bigger and more complicated things, but this is the only one my family constantly tries to steal :D
Also he was the first pattern I made for myself.
I hope this link works.
mdgtjulie said…
That's easy for me. My first big finish. It was called Lord of the Plains. It was a Dimensions kit, and my first large project on high count evenweave. It turned out beautifully, I think, and you can see the piccy here: http://mdgtjulie.multiply.com/photos/album/7/Pre-2006_Finishes#photo=3.jpg (there's a pic of the fourteen by seventeen, with a tiny bookmark I made my daughter in the bottom of the photo. She insisted it had to be there, lol).
wendy111 said…
Until I finish Baroque Garden (and that is a year away) I think it is Mirabilia's Garden Verses as it was the first really big project I did as well. I still remember finding the pattern and going WOW! I must have done this in the late 1990's and I still love it. I must take a photo of it and put it on my blog. Will try to do this at the weekend. My friend is slowly doing Peacock Tapestry and I am amazed at the detail in it.
I think the most special one would be Lavender & Lace's Angelica. I was stitching this when my Nana passed away (literally, as I was in the room with her stitching the roses).
The face is over 1 and took an entire Easter Bank Holiday, all four days! It was my 1st time of stitching over 1.
Here's a link:https://picasaweb.google.com/104969437907593702314/Pre2011Finishes#5593280030780582066
Wendy said…
oj, difficult question.
I think that would have to be the Castle by Theresa Wentzler, on black fabric.
there were times i did not think I would get it finished, I loved it and hated it sometimes, at the same time !
anojaa said…
I have to go back on memory lane. I think the one I am really proud of is something I charted myself. i was 22, and madly in love. We didn't have any photo of us together. So I stitched us like a wedding couple. it took me 3-4 months of non stop stitching, of night stitching, etc. It was romantic to the core. People told me that his face was extremely lifelike. I was really glad!
But no pic, sorry. I didn't have it anymore.
By the way, I have in my stash the peacock tapestry. well, I will wait to sum up a great amount of braveness before starting it! Let's say in a dozen of years ;)
demeter83 said…
I've been thinking about this for ages, and I can't decide! Is that utterley ridiculous?
Joysze said…
Funny how this question always bring stitches down memory lane, huh?

Kim, of course it's not ridiculous, it's hard to pick. :)

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