You Guys Are the Best!!!

The ABSOLUTE best!!! :D

Thanks for all your support and words of encouragement at my time of sorrow and desolateness. *whips back of hand up and lays it on forehead* I could feel your love *dabs at eyes* as I stared at the vast expanse of hated rayon glow *sob* that seemed to laugh mockingly back at me stitch by stitch... pulling their tongues out at me in glee and laughing at my tears. *shakes fist*

LOL!!! Ok, ok.... enough of being a Drama Queen. ;)

On a serious note, I soooooo appreciate all your comments and ideas, and Novi darling... my BESTEST friend (LOL!), I will send you Part 1... in JPG form!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Missy, it wasn't horrible advice at all... in fact, it would've been the exact same thing I'd have told a stitching friend in this predicament. Caroly, kink in the system... I love it!! *giggle* Julie, Rachel, and Sierra, I just can't get pass the fact that those sections are supposed to be a single solid color, to blend in with the background and not shiny variegated rayon. Siiigh. Ineke, a big THANK YOU for your close up picture. :D

You guys all gave me the perfect advice.... to just step away and leave it for awhile.... so I did.

I made dinner (curry chicken and aloo gobi), prepped dinners for the next few nights, grumbled at hubby (who was so sympathetic, bless his heart) about SK, glared at my lap stand, thought about stitching a Mira..... and then settled down and frogged... and frogged... and frogged. (Oooh, the ORT jar was happy!!) Then, after dinner, I re-stitched everything with the correct DMC color.

So... at the end of our May IHSW.... this is what I have:

Before (Saturday night)

After (Sunday Night)

Maybe when Pt. 3 comes out, I'll wait till Ineke finishes it first. LOL!! BTW, doesn't the top tulip look like a tiger's face with itty-bitty eyes? ;)

Now, I'm off to peruse your blogs and IHSW pics. :D


Lou said…
Hooray on getting over the nightmare!! Looks perfect! Glad you sorted it out!
Yvon (jioya) said…
That is looking very good!!!!
I hope you'll don't have to frog for a long time!

Hugs Yvon.
Ineke said…
So much courage and persistence! You did re-stitch the whole part already!!
demeter83 said…
Awww, Joyce, I'm so sorry that that happened, but glad that you've managed to get it sorted, and it does look gorgeous now!
ana~stitch said…
It does look better, I agree :)
Pauline said…
Very, very good of you that you restarted so quik!!
Esther said…
Heeeeey drama queen ;)))
Nice job!!! You fixed it very quick girl!!

I hate to I can be a real big drama queen too LOL
wendy111 said…
I can't believe you frogged and restitched so quickly. At least your tiny break away from it meant hubby got fed.

It looks great and you will be happy now.
Tama said…
Owwww, painful!
But the result is gorgeous! Congrats on your frog-killing weekend :D
Rachel said…
It looks wonderful. I am so glad you didn't give up :)

And my friend Bridget thanks you for the congratulations on her Graduation! :)
Wow, congratulations on the rapid recovery! It's really pretty, and it must be so nice to have it all cleared up so soon.
ArabicaMix said…
Excellent! Thought about this mistake will not fill your head now and you can think about what lies ahead.
Lesleyanne said…
I am so pleased you managed to sort it. Congrats. It looks great.
Stitching Noni said…
Oh Joyce, you poor thing.... but congratulations on getting it all frogged and re-stitched so quickly... you are a speed stitcher!!

Definately the right thing to do - the colour looks lovely. Lesson learnt - use a colour chart!!!

Look forward to your next update!
Isadarena said…
It looks very nice : many congrats on your courage and persistence :-))
Vani said…
I only now just caught up with all the drama of your weekend! lol. I'm glad you worked it out in the end. I wish you better luck with it in the future!
Anne Marieke said…
So sorry to hear about those naughty froggies, but what courage to go and redo the whole thing!

Next time the froggies visit me, I'm coing to cook a curry and aloo gobi and then it will all be ok! ;o) ;o)

Seriously, I admire your courage and I love Spring Knotgarden.
anojaa said…
What a week end! But finally, you haven't at all listened to us and made the corrections asap :(
Well done! It looks fantastic!
wow aloo gobi is one of my favourite. Next time you'll have to frog (I hope not in the near future) I'll come to diner ;)
mdgtjulie said…
It looks great again! Keep on trucking, and you'll get ti done. Even if you do have to look at someone else's work to double check your own!!

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