Challenge.... Accepted?

As I'm wont to do, plans of the next stitching project start to take shape when I'm nearing then end of the current project. Things just pop into mind and I start looking at charts and designs and fabric.

Now, I know that after I finish Petal Fairy, my next start should be Chatelaine's Hummingbird Sparkly Garden that I'm stitching for my mom. I'm on a deadline with that, after all, since I'd like to take it home with me when I visit next year.

All that amounted to nothing, however, cos I've been thinking about Mermaid of Atlantis. That sexy look on her face and the tilt of her head call to me, the lush greens of her tail set my heart a-quiver, the flow of her hair and the glitter of the jewels play havoc with my senses... and as much as I try to ignore her, and she won't SHUT UP!! I've always had a way out, though... that ugly fish in the top corner has always kept the temptation at bay. LOL!

Lately, she's been a hot topic of discussion between Vanessa, Heidi and I, and I could feel myself wavering again. "Maybe I won't stitch the fish." Nope... the corner will look too empty. "Maybe I'll replace him with something else." Nope... too much work. And Vanessa went as far as to take a close up of her piece so I could see that the fish "is not bad." Nope, "still ugly," I told her. HAHAHA!!!

The straw that broke the camel's back, if you will, came when I talked to hubby about it. I was in parts hoping that he'd go "yuck!" which would mean I'd put her off for awhile longer, or say "it's not bad" which means I'm in!! True to form, he gave me both. ROFL!!! Then, he followed with "if we change the color of the fish's eye so it doesn't look so comical, it'll be fine." Shhh.... listen!! Hear that big ol' splash? That's me.... SUNK!!!

Then... I get this email from Vanessa:
Ok Joyce..... since you're thinking about stitching Mermaid of Atlantis soon, here's a challenge for you. I stitched her twice. Once for myself and once for a shop model for Peppermint Stitches. PS always liked for me to keep track of how long it took to finish. So...... Can you beat a MoA finish in 55 hours???? =)

I won't repeat my answer to her... and damn, if that girl is not relentless. Of course, it hasn't helped that Heidi has pulled out the chicken icon. ;) That was 3 days ago... today I'm doing this post. Does that tell you something? That perhaps I'm INSANE to be considering this? I am only supposed to count stitching time though. Bathroom breaks and flipping channels don't count. I'm 99% there, although Vanessa's been waiting for more than 24 hours for this post.

So what do you guys think? Should I accept?


Lesleyanne said…
How can you resist a challenge like that? Look forward to seeing your new start.
Nicola said…
Definitely. Sounds like a great way to inspire you to stitch this project! x
Lissanne said…
Go for it! I think she is pretty, and the fish isn't bad enough that I would leave it out! Can't wait to see how fast you stitch it.
Shannon said…
I think you should go for it too! :)

That's all I have to say about this :-)

The 2 options should be Yes and Duh!
The Manbroider said…
Yes take the challenge.......We all know that you can do it!
wendy111 said…
What is life without a challenge Joyce! Go for it, you know you want to!
The Maiden said…
With a post like that I can already hear the needle going into the fabric! I changed a corner element in Mermaid of Atlants (posted on Maiden Mother Crone) and it was not too difficult, I say do it! I should warn you, I did call this project my cursed mermaid!
jcat0629 said…
Oh please I have never known you to back down from a challenge - especially a stitchy challenge, you're nuts but we know that already so just go for it!!
Jenny said…

Besides, once you have her finished you are a winner either way!
Terri said…
I think you should go for it!

I'd love to see a picture of the Chatelaine's Hummingbird SParkly Garden - it sounds like one I'd love to do! Her designs are so yummy! Where can I see a picture of this or purchase it?

Yvon (jioya) said…
Go for it,i can't wait to see how it's going to look!!!

Hugs Yvon.
demeter83 said…
You've already made the decision anyway, so I'm just siding with that I think you've already decided.
It's nice to know I'm not the only one that starts plotting and planning their next stitch as soon as they realise their current is going to be finished soon. But you're better than me, it generally involves me spreding things across the carpet and making a mess when I make my decision.
Rachel said…
I have a strong feeling by the wording of your blog entry that you really want to stitch her! So I voted yes!

And I can't wait until I am done with one thing to start another, lol. I usually end up starting something in the middle of something else! That's why I have so many WIPs!! But, I have been very good and have gotten a lot of WIPs done over the last year or so. :)

I can't wait to see your progress pictures!!!
anojaa said…
Go for it! We will cheer on you!
mdgtjulie said…
ROFL, LOL, LMAO!!!! I voted yes (of course) and it showed the vote results. You have two votes for no and thirty three for yes, lol. I think you'll be doing MoA very soon!! That is just too funny Joysze!
Wow, that's really a challenge. But I believe in you that you can do it! *cheeer*
So of cause, I voted for yes :)
I'm looking forward to see you bringing this lovely lady to life!
Pauline said…
mmmm, dear Joyze..i wonder what you have is so quite here! I vote No....sorry, but it is a grazy challenge!!!
You have to sleep, you have to eat....and you have a husband!
Do you want to became sick?
but..mmm, i have a strong feeling...and that tells me that you won't listen ,hahahahaha :)
Novia said…
Ha ha ha you are in deep s*&# uhm... trouble I mean ROFL!!!

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