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Well, Part 3 of Chinese Garden was released yesterday. I had to print it, of course... but it sat on the coffee table all night and Petal sat on the scroll all night cos I was too tired to play with either of them. I still can't decide which one to stitch.... on one hand, I was really planning on finishing Petal's skirt before switching her out and on there other... there's the North Moongate!!!!!! What's a girl to do?? ;)

You know what it is.... it's the whole prospect of taking Petal off the scroll frame and putting CG on the scroll frame. LOL!! Lazy is what I am... I know, I know. ;)

Laurylyan, Petal is stitched on PTP's Heather belfast.

Today's question: What do you do with your finished pieces? This doesn't include things you've stitched for others.

So far I've framed all my finishes up one way or another. Most of the asian style pieces are made into scrolls and the others are either professionally or self framed. I'm getting to the point, however, where we're running out of wall space!! What a dilemma.... so I keep framing pieces and rotate them on the walls? Do I keep finishes in drawers?

We bought me a big scrapbook (20x20) on clearance, and I've thought of mounting finishes onto the pages and make it into a Finishes Book or some sort, but it's not the same as having them displayed on walls, is it?


Jenny said…
Sadly no useful tips from me, Joyce - I am notorious for hanging all of my stitched larger pieces in the closet. I use the clothes hangers that have clips at the ends... I think that I have 30+ finished samplers just waiting for the one day when they may get pulled out, dusted off, mounted and hung on the wall... It is hard being a sampler in my house! ;-)
Ewa said…
I LOVE the scrapbook idea. That way you can still display your finishes (say, on a coffee table, etc.) and keep your favorite ones on the walls!

I usually self-frame finishes. Custom framing is too expensive for me and I don't feel bad if I want to switch something out.
Sarah said…
Eventually, I frame my pieces and hang them on the walls.
ana~stitch said…
Oooh I love the idea of a cross stitch album too! Maybe not for larger peices like Chatelaines, but for smaller ones :)
Wendy said…
I love to have them professionally framed, but that costs a lot of money....
so until I decide I must have a piece framed, I keep them in a drawer, of a large hat-box.
I want to re-do our living room, and then put a few different framed works on the walls,perhaps rotate but that to, costs a lot of money !
so, until then, I just stitch.
maybe I should stitch more for others, and thereby solve the framing problem !
demeter83 said…
I frame or get them framed - I did make a piece with the intention of making it into a bag, but it didn't happen because I fell out with it when the fabric ran when I washed it!
mdgtjulie said…
Ahhhh, but what a great dilemma to have!!! Either would be good. Both are pretty pieces, and you seem to like them both, so don't sweat it. As for lazy, I've got you beat. I'm starting a rotation. So I went out and bought ten Q snaps so I don't have to change them out every two weeks. I had to borrow money to do it, lol. Now that's lazy!!!
Andie said…
Well theoretically, if you are just stitching on Petal whilst waiting for your parts to arrive, you should put her away and work on your parts... or else your rotating! bwahahahaha
As to the framing...... I have lots of wall space but not that many framed, lots of kids (6) = lots of room but not much money lol
Pauline said…
Rotating is a very good idea!
But at this time i have enough space in my house to hang all my works on the walls.
I always framed my finished works.
Sometimes professional, sometimes i do it by myself.
wendy111 said…
I always get my bigger pieces framed as soon as I finish them as I am excited that they are finished. I still have plenty of wall space, but I plan to have a rotating wall as well with seasonal pieces (such as 12 days of
christmas). I tend to have mine framed professionally.
I have to admit to having a whole lot of smaller finishes still waiting for me to do something with them - one day!
Stitching Noni said…
It's funny it wasn't until I thought about your question that realised how little of my stitching I keep - I always seem to be stitching for someone else!

The small things that I have stitched I keep in a file though, and I haven't actually finished stitching my big one for me yet!!

Saddly almost all of mine are in boxes at the bottom of the bed :-( We are just about to renovate the house so perhaps a few will be promoted to the wall but hubby has very slick contemorary taste which doesn't go well with my sparklie fairy production line. (giggle!) Currently I only have two framed finishes, Mirabilias Feather Fairy and The Enchanted Mermaid.
Rachel said…
I try to frame all my finishes if I can. Right now I have a lot of finishes rolled up and put in my cedar chest. Someday, I will be able to afford to frame them all, but I am not in much of a hurry, I don't have a lot of free space on my walls anyway!

(p.s. - I started part 3 yesterday!!)
Joy said…
The scrapbook is great idea, but I agree. I love to see stitching on display. I have to admit that I don't have any stitching at home. I have never kept anything I stitched. I can't help but make things for others. Everytime I think I have some time for a me stitch, I find an occasion for someone else. I DO love it. I have the birth sampler that will be mine, BUT, I need to finish some gifts and tributes I have on the go (he he he). I plan on keeping something this year.
Nearly all my finishes are framed, except for a few which are odd sizes and need custom-made frames (eg expensive!)

I do rotate the smaller display pieces and Dad made me a lovely display shelf for my small squares which I will post when Blogger stops playing silly whatsits with the picture linker.
Esther said…
I'm thinking of starting a "pronkrol". It's a kind of show-case which girls in the 17th and 18th century made. They started with a small stitchwork with an ABC, their name and date of birth. They always did this with red. During the years at school they learned all kind of stitches. They also learned all kind of ABC's. This was important because when they got married, they had to stitch their initials at their cloths, because they dried it in the fields. So you can find your own linen back.

I love those old traditions and old stitchery's.
So I'm thinking about making my own modern show-case.

Some work always will be framed ;)

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