Happy Hermitting Everyone

It's soooo exciting to have more than 30 of us who will be hermitting and stitching this weekend. I can't wait to see your progress next week and I'll try to have something decent to show as well. The Tiger is really kicking my butt.

It's still not to late to drop your name and JOIN US for this month's IHSW. :D


Karyn said…
More than 30 people? That's awesome! I hope to have a finish by the end of Sunday.
Isadarena said…
Hi, Joyce, I wish you a happy stitching week-end :-))
Have a lovely time,
Wishing I could participate this weekend, but I won't be home. I'm hoping to join everyone next month for the next IHSW!
mdgtjulie said…
I did pretty well yesterday, and am looking forward to more stitching time today!!
Mia said…
Thank you for the congratulations :)
The dad's not in the picture :( - but DD's doing just great!

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