July's TUSAL and What's Next

This month's TUSAL added a layer of pinks, yellow and browns from Petal Fairy. :) If you'd like to join in the TUSAL-ly fun for the 2nd half of the year, hop on over to Daffycat's blog to see what it's all about. :)

I don't think Mermaid of Atlantis is happening anytime soon, due to the fact that I can't find the perfect fabric for her, so she might have to stew for a bit. Meantime, I've been roped into a Mirabilia pixie SAL. ;) Looks like first up for me is Fern, stitched on PTP's Opal. Look at all those yummy greens!!! :D She won't be an immediate start either as I need to order the fabric.

This weekend, I have Pt. 4 of Chinese Garden and Pt. 3 of Spring Knotgarden to work on... would be interesting to see how much would actually get done since I haven't made one stitch since finishing Petal Fairy. LOL.


Andie said…
LOL whose been pushing your challenge me button? :D Your pixie choice is gorgous. Looking forward to seeing your Chat wip updates :D
Mia said…
Happy stitching! I've been knitting - and miss my stitches with a smaller needle. Guess I'll pic something up tomorrow - hopefully! I've had a tremendous tummyache today, hope it'll be gone with some sleep!
Love the greens, just don't like the fabcolour... I'd picture her more on offwhite or maybe a beautiful tropical sea :)
wendy111 said…
I think you have been too busy looking at your beautiful petal fairy to stitch, but Chinese Garden is calling for you now! Look forward to seeing what you have achieved at the end of the weekend!

I like your choice of pixie and the greens do pop on the fabric you have chosen.
Lesleyanne said…
Great ort jar. Look forward to seeing your new start and your weekend stitching.
demeter83 said…
She's a lovely chart, so can't wait to see you working on that.
What sort of fabric are you looking for for mermaid? Perhaps we can help you look!
Isadarena said…
Oh ! Oh !! I am sure you're going to stitch on your Chinese Mandala very soon, aren't you ???
Big Hugs,Isa
weestitchy.com said…
i know what you mean about finding the perfect fabby, but pixie will be just as nice to stitch.
I think since it's such a lovely lady, it's not so bad that you have been roped into a Sal :) I like that because I like to see your work :) *selfish*

These greens just make me melt.. :)
Kahlan said…
What a lovely green shades!Don't wait too long to start.
Pauline said…
I love the blue in your jar!
And i wonder what you are gona make next!

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