A mish-mash of stuff

Firstly, Nina and, recently, Anne were kind enough to award me a Stylish Blogger Award. It consists of a few rules:
1. Thank the person who has awarded you.
2. List seven things about yourself.
3. Pass the award to 15 other stylish bloggers.
It would be tough for me to pass the award to just 15 people.... so instead, I'd like to be a rebel and give the award to everyone on my blog roll and invite you guys to check them out. You won't regret it. I'm also constantly adding blogs to it as I find new ones to stalk read. ;)

Next up.... 7 things about me:
1. I'm from Malaysia and came here for Uni, with the full intention of returning home after my studies... then I met hubby. LOL!

2. I love food and I can eat A LOT! Fortunately, I'm not into sweets nor junk food (I don't consider potato chips junk btw, LOL!)

3. Sometimes I torture myself by browsing through Malaysian food sites with my cousin, and we dream and drool and lament the fact that we can't get good Malaysian food here.

4. Green is my favorite color. It makes me so happy.

5. I have a BMus in Piano Pedagogy and a MMus is Piano Performance.

6. A perfect day for me would be spent at home, stitching, with hubby either gaming on the computer or watching some WW2 movie/documentary on tv.

7. Oh... this is important enough to warrant a spot here... I hate the heat. Really, really hate the heat.

Secondly, my fabbies for my 3 planned Miras arrived today from Picture This Plus and they are pretty!!!

Belfast Opalescent "Ancient"

Belfast Opalescent "Lagoon" - this is much lighter than in my layover,
but I was forewarned, and I'm so please with the teal green and browns in it.

Belfast Opalescent "Opal"

Lastly, I mentioned in a previous post that I am unable to reply to some of your comments via email. When I try to reply, I get this email address: "noreply-comment@blogger.com". Some googling later, I discovered that this message pops up when no email address is listed in the user's profile. If you're interested in having an email listed for bloggers to answer your comments directly:
3. Enter your email address under the IDENTITY section. Lots of people use a different email address from their main one for just this purpose alone.


Hannah said…
Love the fabby's :) I think I managed to change the email settings, so mine should show now.

Also i'm hoping to post my completed holiday fairies soon so keep an eye out x

Ps I hate the heat too, fortunately not too much of a problem here in the uk :)
The Maiden said…
I love your new fabric, I think I just drooled on my computer! There is no escaping the Heat in Las Vegas, you learn to love it! Joy
Jennifer M. said…
O thanks for that tip about the e-mail. I had no idea! Love those fabrics. The Picture this Plus fabrics are beautiful....but pricey. So sorry that you hate the heat...then again living in South Florida will do that to a person. Plus we have the yucky humidity too.


valerie said…
Love your new fabbies! Thanks for posting pictures. I have a short list of PTP to buy and Ancient is on mine. Love how yours came out. I may just have to get heather too after seeing your Petal Fairy finish.

Congrats on the awards! I detest the heat too. That's why I live in the fog. lol
Ewa said…
The fabric looks GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for the tip on how to do the email address thing. I had no idea.

Also, heat is EVIL. I grew up in Eastern Europe and now live in California. I am such a crabby miserable old bat when I'm hot :(
Andie said…
Love the fabrics! Bet you had fun fondling them :D Got a thing for opal?
Lesleyanne said…
Gorgeous fabrics. Look forward to seeing what you will stitch on them. Will look at my email but I think I'm alright.
Veronica said…
Oooh... Yummy new fabbies. I think I fell in love with Ancient! Might have to get myself a piece during PTP's upcoming sale ^.^
mdgtjulie said…
Good to learn more about you Joysze. It's always fun to know people better. I didn't know you were Malaysian. You speak English so well, I'd have pegged you as a native. Love your fabbies. They're truly gorgeous!! I used PTP too, and I really liked how quick they were!
Heli said…
Your perfect day sounds exactly like mine! :)

Can't wait to see some stitches on those fabrics!
Topcho said…
Oh those fabrics are so worth the drool, lol!
And congrats on the award!

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