A Present, A Boo Boo, and A Pic

Thanks everyone, for your input about Ivy and Fern. The general consensus it Ancient and we put up both Ancient and Opal on the wall in the closet and Ancient it will be!!! :D

The Present:
I'm extremely hard to shop for. All my family and friends know that, and I've even been told that numerous times in exasperation. ;) I can't help it... I'm picky about what I like, and I don't like having friends and family spend their hard earned money for something that will just sit in a closet.

When Heidi asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I told her I don't know but I'll tell her when I thought about it, which turned her into a nagging wife. I shouldn't be surprise, cos that's what I did to her when she wouldn't tell me what she wanted, and SHE shouldn't be surprised, cos she's doing the same to me!!! LOL!!

A week into the nagging, I knew!!!! She is a most amazing artist and I wanted an original from her! No doubts about it. :D I told her I loved animals and my favorite are the lion and the giraffe. This came in the mail yesterday. Isn't he glorious? I'm so in love!!!!! :D

The Boo Boo:
There has been lots of interest in the Ancient fabric I've received from Picture This Plus, and with reason too, it's just gorgeous! I've only ever ordered belfast linen from PTP to date, and I discovered last night, to my horror, that I had mistakenly asked for 32ct lugana this time.

A lot of you have mentioned wanting to make a purchase of Ancient during PTP's July sale... so I wanted to make sure you had this information. For the linen color of Ancient, check out Sabrina. :)

I'm so sorry for the misinformation. That's totally 'duh' of me. I'm just going to blame it on old age and being overworked instead of ditziness. HAHAHA!!!

The Pic:
The 'boo boo' discovery was as a result of Fern's start.
*cue gasp for the ones of you that know I loathe starting*
*cue cheer for the ones that have been trying to talk me into it*
LOL!!! It took me 1.5 hours of pulling floss, cutting fabbie, trying to decide which half of Ancient would look better with her, ironing, scrolling, adjusting before finally being able to put my first stitch in. For those of you who like start, do you love this part of the process?

Here she is after about a couple of hours....


Karen said…
Joyce, love the new start (yea), but I'm blown away by Heidi's art. She is soooooo talented. What a wonderful birthday gift!!
Pauline said…
Hello again! I was a few days of, so i couldn,t take a look on your work and your lovely blog.
If i understand it well, you have made a new start!
valerie said…
Great present and great start. I'm another one who hates starting a project. It takes too much time! I just want to stitch! lol
Mouse said…
wooo hooo gorgeous lion birthday present and your start too and yeahhh for the choice of fabric :) love mouse xxxxx
mdgtjulie said…
Your start on Fern looks wonderful Joysze. I love the delicate foot she's stepping onto. Just wonderful!! Love the artwork too. I'm a big lion fan too, and he is just gorgeous!!! Sorry to hear about the boo boo. I've done things like that before. I love starting something new, it's a wonderful thing!!
Topcho said…
Congraths on the new start! And that lion is awesome, great present :D
wendy111 said…
Love your birthday present, your friend is very talented.
I like your new start - cute little foot!
Novia said…
Oh man, I really have to bow for Heidi's art. It's MAGNIFICENT!!!!

Hmmm from your boo boo.. I think it might be a blessing in disguise. Since the green colors of Fern and Ivy are so pale, they might look better on Lugana. If they were on linen, the green from the fabric might over power the green of the fairies.
Hannah said…
that lion is beautiful, what a great present! and well done on getting started. I detest starting, in the middle is great, finishing is better, but starting is bleurgh
Sandie said…
Just found your blog and love the pieces you are working on. I've got several Mirabilia pieces in the pile to start, but been sidetracked by other things lately means thats where they're staying. Your examples might change that tho.
demeter83 said…
Wow, what a beautiful picture and lovely gift!
And you may hate starting, but she's looking lovely already!
The Maiden said…
Your start is really coming along! I LOVE a start, it is my favorite part of the process, but I am more of a measure and go girl... my first stitches are in within minutes! Cannot wait to see your progress, I have finished Sweet Pea and started Lilac from this collection.
Andie said…
Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed it :D Wow you are right Heidi is a wonderful artist!

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