Displaying Your Blogs

I'm stealing this idea from Anne ... :)

There have been times when I can't return the favor and follow certain blogs. Clicking on the username yields a window that shows the recent activities of the user but not much else, and there is no way for me to track you down. *pout* How am I suppose to stalk you guys? ;)

To enable this option:

1. Go to your PROFILE, and click on EDIT PROFILE (big blue button under your profile image).

2. Under SHOW MY BLOGS, click on the SELECT BLOGS TO DISPLAY link.

3. Click on the blogs you'd like to show be visible to your fellow bloggers and click SAVE SETTINGS.

Voilà!! And I hope that will herald in lots of followers. :)


Topcho said…
I thinl I'll be stealing this too :D I'm having this problems all the time. Even now. The number of my followers shows that I have 2 new ones, but I can find only one of themand can't figure the second one!
Kaisievic said…
Thanks, Joyce. It is lovely to have followers. I had a big burst of them but now I seem stuck on 42. I follow lots of blogs because I love reading about everyone's stitching and lives. It is a great online community which I feel privileged to have been welcomed into.

cheers, Kaye xoxox
rosey175 said…
I noticed I was one that didn't have information shared when I clicked on my profile picture in other's followers gadgets. I just wanted to let you know, I had your tips correctly set as my blog appeared in my profile... but no one could get to my profile!

This page helped as well; one has to link their profile for it to be included in the followers gadget (why this wasn't a default setting for me, I don't know). Just thought I'd pass it along for more happy stalkerings! :)

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