Finishing Project Update

Awhile back, 3 things happened:
- a friend stitched me Chatelaine's Mini Mandala 1.

- another friend sent me a few pieces of quilting fabric that were asian in flavor.

- while at Michael's, hubby found an oversized Martha Stewart scrapbook measuring about 20in x 20in in the clearance aisle for $12. It was beautifully made, with waxed, translucent linen paper between each sheet. He thought it might make a nice display album for my stitched pieces as we're running out of walls to hang them up.

I've been toying with the idea of marrying them together but it wasn't until Fern's finishing that the idea really took shape.

I finally had some time to run to Michaels for the ribbon needed for my "Fabric-Mat Finishing Tutorial." I found a roll of electric blue one that went perfectly with the blue beads of the Chatelaine and the water in the fabric. Then, whilst wandering the aisles looking for glue, I chanced upon some gold metal-balled pins!

An idea is brewing in my mind, and I don't know if it'd work out, but I thinking on using the pins to decorate the sides, as an extension of the gold beads in the stitching.

I'll work on this tonight and see if I can get a Tutorial post up tomorrow. Stay tuned! :D


Lissanne said…
Can't wait to see what you do! Hey Joyce, if you don't have any wall space left and you fill up your scrapbook, let me know. I will "store" them for you on my walls. ;)
Topcho said…
Fern's finishing is beautiful and I, too, can't see what you will do. The fabric is gorgeous and with the ribbon and the golden pins, it all comes along so nicely with the stitching. Waiting to see the finish!
Rachel said…
Really looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Joyce! I love the fabric in the background, and of course it goes without saying that I love the Chatelaine!
mdgtjulie said…
Can't wait to see it Joysze. I loved Fern!!!
jcat0629 said…
Ooh, Oooh oooh you picked the PERFECT fabbie for the Mandala!!! I LOVE this idea of fabric-mat framing. I definitely want to learn how to do this!!
That looks stunning. I was wondering, do you rotate your peices that are hanging up? I dream of having that many finishes framed lol
Yvon (jioya) said…
i'm looking forward to your next post!

Hugs Yvon.
Mireille said…
I am very curious now. I can't wait your next message :-)

Anne said…
That's a gorgeous Chatelaine!! I can't believe how that fabric and that piece match PERFECTLY! Wow! Can hardly wait to see it done with super sweet Joyce style :D

Lesleyanne said…
Can't wait to see. Hope it goes well and as planned.
Esther said…
Can´t wait to see the result, the fabric match perfectly with the chatelaine....wowww I love your style!!
Jenny said…
I am already excited! LOL I can't wait to see how this torn out - I am betting 100% gorgeous!

The picture with your mandla, fabric, pins and ribbon made me drool a little on my key board... ;-)
Joy said…
Those colors are perfect together. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I also wanted to say congrats on Fern. She is so pretty and your finish is fantastic!!!!!! Please please please post a tutorial on how you did it. ;)
Veronica said…
Oh wow, the fabric and the Chatelaine matches perfectly. I can't wait to see the result :)


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