IHSW August Update

Oh my!!!! This is so exciting...... we almost had 50 Hermitters this month!! :D How were your stitchy weekends?

Kaye, Hermitting is us setting up aside a little time for ourselves, one weekend a month, to 'hole up' with our stitching. Sometimes, we have more time, sometimes less. So, blog away!! :D I find that on certain weekends I do nothing but stitch, and on some, like this past one, I stitched when I could... but when I'm stitching, I'm thinking of all your guys doing the same all over the world and that gets me excited about reading your blog updates. :D

It's been mentioned that if we're doing it together, it's not really "hermitting," LOL!, but I say, sure we are!!! We're technically stitching by ourselves, but are linked with other hermitters in spirit and thought. ;)

I know!! I'll work on a IHSW Info tab, and put in a FAQ section. We're getting more and more participants that it sure would be nice to have this info available. Does that sound like a good plan to you guys? :D I'd sure appreciate some help in the questions department though, so if you have any, leave me a comment and I'll put them all in with hopefully logical answers. Mwa-hahahaha!!

OK!!! To the subject at hand. I started on Ink Circles' Pizzazz. Friend #1 and I are stitching 2 color versions and sending it to Friend #2 for them to be made into pillows... for Friend #3 who's going through a tough time. (I'm not mentioning names, just in case F#3 reads this... but then, if she does... cat's out of the bag.... maybe...) Sheeesh!! That was convoluted. LOL!!!

Onward ho to the blogs then!!! :D

1. Kim's blog addy (#10) is pulling up empty, so I've linked it again on #50... and it's not showing up either. DOH! So, I'm linking her name. :)
2. Zenuwpees (#19) - Your blog isn't pulling up either, and I don't have your address. Could you please repost with your blog address. We would love to stop by for a visit. :)
3. Kowgirlkat, I can neither Follow or comment on your blog. :(


Yvon (jioya) said…
Your new project looks very good, i love the color combo.
Don't yoy find it hard to see where the holes are?
Good luck with this one, i hope to see more soon.

Hugs Yvon.
The Maiden said…
I love this new one (and here I was expecting a fairy!). I have not been brave enough to try black fabric yet!
Topcho said…
I'm in love with the colours, pink on black has always been one of my favourite combos. I'm sure the final result will make person №3 very happy! I'm pretty curious to see that IHSW info tab! And I agree, hermitters are connected! Now off to see some other Hermits' works!
Wow, I love all of the pink in your project- it's so pretty, and the combination is great! Is it variegated floss? Either way, you got so much done, and it's really cool!
Carolyn said…
Ohhh I love those colors! You are off to a great start. I was able to sit down and stitch.

I really love this idea IHSW. We need some type of graphic with a link to put on our sidebar. What do you think?
Mireille said…
I love the colors. I am curious for the result.
Joysze said…
Thanks guys. :D I'm loving the pink on black as well.

Yvon, I actually don't look for the holes, I just make sure all the Xs are uniformed. LOL!!!

Missy, yup it's variegated floss. A friend and I picked some up awhile ago and they're made by Jannlynn. :)

Carolyn, that's a GREAT idea. :D I'll work on it. :)
demeter83 said…
Love the colour on the black for your new project, it looks really striking, and thanks for re-linking it. I probably typed it wrong, that sounds like the sort of thing that I'd normally do.
Pauline said…
Wow, embroiderie on black fabric...that isn,t easy, i guess!
Great work on your IHSW weekend!
I love it!!
Esther said…
LOL, I got this one too!!!!!!!
I love the black and pink!!!
Anne said…
Love that ink circles pattern and you chose the perfect colour combos again!! I like that tab idea for IHSW and I too like the notion of others hermitting and stitching away! I was able to get some done and will post soon. As for questions...hmmm...How do people prepare their fabric/projects? Do they pre-wash, or wash after?

Dunno if that's a good question or been done before, or even interesting, but its a suggestion!!

wendy111 said…
I love your new start Joyce - love the pink and black and this is a lovely thing to do for F3!. Very different for you.

It is great that IHSW is being welcomed by so many people and I love seeing what every one has done. It is my excuse not to do all the other things I should do - I love it!
Xeihua said…
Lovely project Joysze, the colours are gorgeous and they go beautifully on the black fabric. That's a great idea too cheer up a friend in need :).
Thanks for holding the IHSW for us I really enjoy thinking there is someone in the other side of the world just enjoying a weekend stitching. And having the list with all the other hermiters links just makes our life easier to (stalk) read more new blogs dedicated to our addiction :)
Kate said…
your project looks stunning! Im hoping my settings are ok now?
Lissanne said…
I love this with the color you chose on the black! Your friend is going to love these pillows!
Lesleyanne said…
Great new project Joyse. Lovely colour combination. Wow 50 hermitters that is great.
Julie said…
Hi Joyce,nice to meet you too :).
Congrats on the new baby in the family.Your Mirabilia designs are gorgeous,have a couple to do myself, not yet had the courage to do one,what with all those beads lol.The pink on black is looking stunning already.Having the tab for the IHSW is a good idea too.Thanks for letting me join in and look forward to next month.
Gizzimomo said…
Nice work, this ISHW has been fun and I'm very glad I found it.... just got to remeber to get involved again nice month!!
Jenny said…
Joyc, that is soooo pretty! What a beautiful combination of colors'
I like the Ink Circle designs a lot, but they all seem huge....
Fabulous progress in just a weekend too!
I'm late! I hope I'm not cast off IHSW...:)

I've posted my progress, and I love your ink circles, i never really looked at them before, but I've seen a few recently that I really like.
TammyK said…
Color is awesome against that black. Lovely project & nice progress :)
Mia said…
I love the colours!!! :)
Congratulations on your new start :)
Ditto what everyone else said about Pizazz!
Carolyn's idea is fab.
Question for your tab: Is there a set time I have to stitch for at IHSW?
(I know there isn't but newbies might wonder.)
Another question for your tab: Do I have to evict my husband/kids for the weekend?
mdgtjulie said…
Grats on the lovely stitching Joysze. I love your colors; they're gorgeous!! And I think an FAQ and info section would be great. Unfortunately, I can't think of any good questions for you. I think gifting a friend who's down is a wonderful idea! Hope you finish it up soon! We had lots of hermiters this weekend. Off to visit some new blogs!!
Jennifer M. said…
Oooo this piece looks really cool with the variegated thread on black. I'm looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Jen :)
jcat0629 said…
Wow J, you have made a great NEW START! I will have to privately whip you for your new start by email but since you are doing it for for a friend you get mucho points - you & friends are so generous. Let me help if you need it! I can make a mean pillow or can help you with stitching or whatever you need!

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