Pizzazz x 2

All done!! :D We present... Pizzazz by Ink Circles, double the fun, double the pleasure! ;)

We stitched on 28ct black jobelan, using different spectrums of colors. I'm showing mine first, since you guys have seen it before and all good things come to those who wait. So don't peek ahead and prepared to be wowed when you see Friend #1's version!!! :D

Floss: Janlynn's Variegated Pink.
I bought this as part of a pack, and have no idea what it's called. :(

Floss: Sullivan's Overdyed Floss - Emerald Isle

They're heading off to the home of Friend #2 to be made into pillows. I'll show pics when they're done. :D

What's next for me, you ask? Weeeeeell, some of you might have already seen a teeeenie tiny addition to my sidebar. If you haven't, hurry.... take a look!! See it? See it? It might decide to migrate North in the next few days...


Lissanne said…
Yay for finishing this beautiful piece!! Friend 1 did an excellent job on her pretty piece also!! These are going to be beautiful pillows. Can't wait to see what you are starting next!!
Those are both gorgeous! I can't wait to see them as pillows! I pretty sure I know which one you added. Are you going to stitch them as is or a conversion?
What a difference a colour makes. The two look almost like different charts on first glance. I think you a very sweet to make and send such a lovely gift, I sure it will be very much loved and treasured. I can't wait to see your next spring knotgarden update. I'm following your stitching on it with much excitement!
Tiki said…
These are fabulous! I'm sure your friend will be very pleased with your gift.
Pauline said…
You have a lot of upcoming plans!
I don't know wich one you shall choose this time...
I love both of the stitches!
I can't tell wich one is the most spectaculair...they are beautiful!!
Ineke said…
They are both gorgeous! They will become lovely pillows.
Ann said…
Although pink isn't really my colour, I like your version best.

Have you added the Humminbird mandala to your WIP? Aha ... as companion piece to the Butterfly Mandala! ;-)...I thought the same thing about the fourth butterfly.

B.t.w., I'm going to use your tutorial "how to make a scroll hanging" for a piece I'm going to stitch out of the book from Isabelle Vautier "Si la mer m'était compté".

I always enjoy reading your stories and I check regularly your blog :-)

Kind greetings,
Ann (annsombel on the chatelaine board)
Wow, those are both so cool! I like the overall effect of the pink on black better, I think, but I love the different colors in the blue variegated floss, too! The bright variegated threads on black are one of my favorite effects, and these are no exception to that.
The pink is my favourite too!
I can't decide what to start next now I've seen this black.
Anne said…
Wow! They are both spectacular! I love the pink but also love that blue green colour. I might have to get Emerald Isle!! The friend will be very lucky!
Jenny said…
Oh my goodness, Joyce - they look fantastic together! Like a picture of hot & cold, sweet & spicy, delicious!
Your frind will be thrilled - I know that I would be. Whjat a great idea! Plus, I can't believe how quickly you stitched it up.
Lesleyanne said…
Two gorgeous finishes.
rosey175 said…
Wow, what a difference the colors make on this one! The cup o' flowers in each corner pop more on the pink one while the heart arrows show up more on the blue-green. Emerald Isle almost look camo.
The Maiden said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Maiden said…
They look wonderful, what a nice gift! Your speed and quality are unsurpassed! Is the new project Mermaids of the Deep Blue? I have that one started, and would pull it back out in envy if I saw yours!
Julie said…
Wow,both look stunning.
wendy111 said…
Both look great, and it is so interesting seeing the same design in a different colour. Mermaids of the deep seems to have made an appearance - i like the fabric choice if that is what you are going to use. Just remember you have spring and chinese garden to do as well! Much squishing of the ORT jar will be required.

Don't forget to post piccies of the finished Pizzazzes!
TammyK said…
Great finish for both of you :) Lucky friend!
Tama said…
SOOOOOOOOooooooooooooo very pretty!
They are both awesome, hard to pick one over the other. They look great together too.

Right now I am using Sullivan's overdyed London Fog on a WIP and I really like it.

I also have the Emerald Isle in my stash and the colors are great too!

Nice work!
Oh they are sooo pretty =)
They wil make a stunning pillow!!
Esther said…
wowwwww gorgeous!!!
♥ Nia said…
so pretty!! I love the pink one :)
I'ne never stitched on black fabric.. eas it too hard? :p
Mireille said…
So beautiful colors. I love them.
Andrea said…
They are both gorgeous! Can't wait to hear what your friends reaction is :D

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