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How do you store your project leftovers, ie. floss, beads, etc?

I've been mulling over this for a few months now. My DMCs are all bobbinated and in cases, and they're super easy to pull from and put back, and it makes me happy to see all the pretty colors lined up perfectly in those boxes. But those silks from the Chatelaine kits, and not to mention the beads from both the Chatelaine and Mirabilia projects are stumping me.

At the moment, the beads are in their canisters or tubes in one of those cardboard boxes from Michaels. Not a terribly horribly way to store them, but not great either, as if I want to find a color for a new project, I have to look through everything. The silks are better, as they're stored in Floss-A-Way baggies. I've thought of putting them into rings by brands, but that's not ideal either...


I use these for all my left over beads and treasues. I put tiny bits of papper in the individual boxes with the bead reference number on.


I just have all my silks loose in a bucket! One day I'll get around to sorting something better :-) For DMC I use the Gold Concept plasic wallets and stitch bows. The plastic wallets wear out with very heavy use but they are so cheap to replace I don't worry xxx
valerie said…
I use something similar to Charbs for the beads and treasures that I bought at Joann's. With those dot stickers, I write the MH beads number and put it on the bottom. You can put the sticker on the top but I like to see the colors from the container.


My silks are still a mess. Need to figure that out. Prob just floss bags though since you don't want to wind them on bobbins.

I have a million DMC skeins I need to wind to put in a jammer box. I don't foresee that being a fun task!
Mouse said…
have all my beads in a bead box all labelled with the colours sooo just peruse through :) hand dyed and silks are all in floss bags on a metal ring clip and stored my make and then in a big box at the side of me to pull out as and when required :)not perfect but works for me ..lol love mouse xxx
mdgtjulie said…
Um... You're supposed to store leftovers?!? Well... I don't think I've ever had leftovers, except for on my kit from Lord of the Plains. And that is all mushed together in a big Ziploc bag. I don't really know what I'll do with non DMC floss left over from projects. I have some, actually. I just thought of it. I used almost all GAST for my Cattitude. They are still in their floss away bags. I'll have to keep an eye on the comments and see if anybody has a really good answer to this!!
Jenny said…
I tried many bead-storage systems before I found the one that I love: http://www.vendio.com/stores/ascostinc/item/beads-jewelry-making-storage-d/easy-n-lock-bead-storage-box-j/lid=9837171
I either write the bead ID on a small pieve of paper (for left over beads from Mill Hill kits etc) or I cut out the label from the plastic copntainer that the beads came in. I place the label it in the compartment together with the beads. Works great!

Left-over floss storage is worse on my front... I have all my WDW and over-dyed silks on rings that are stored in a larger box. All my left-over Fremme flower-threads are stored in individual snack-size zip-lock bags in another, smaller, box. The DMCs are wrapped up on bobbins and organized numerically in bobbin boxes. (Double/multiple DMCs from the Wall-Mart close-out a while back are crammed into a huge bag waiting for the other floss to run out...) I am hoping that you'll get some great tips in your comments so that I can get inspiration to update the sad state of my over-dyes and silks....
TammyK said…
Good question & I'd like a great suggestion as to what to do as well. As far as kits go - I stick what's leftover back into the kit package with the chart but they're piling up. Sorry I couldn't be an ounce of help..
Topcho said…
All of my threads are on bobbins. Nothing exciting but I do need one more case to store them. And as I don't really use beads much, storing them is not much of a problem either.. I keep them in a tiny jars, something like these http://www.creatingdays.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/jar_beads_rainbow_02.jpg
My dmc are on floss bows, in wallets in numerical order that are in 2 big binders. My hand dyed & RG's are on rings (also in numerical order) hanging on a plastic coat holder inside a cupboard door. My beads are in individual plastic storage that all fit inside a big container that I got at the local hardware store.
wendy111 said…
I have all my flosses (that are not DMC) in mini ziploc-type bags (about the same size as floss away bags) and I keep the bags in small plastic boxes sorted by manufacturer. The boxes are stored in my 'craft' cupboard. I do the same with my beads at the moment.

My DMC threads are stored in LoRan storage folders that I have had for many years.

I have a couple of databases on my phone to keep track of what I have, XFloss for DMC and HanDBase for the rest (I create databases for each manufacturer in this).

I am always on the lookout for anything better, so I will enjoy seeing what everyone else does.

I also love my Labelmaker!
Lissanne said…
All my threads are staying in the floss a way bags! I switched up and ordered little bead boxes for the leftover beads and just tore the number off of the tubes from ECC and put in on the little box, which all fit into a clear acrylic bigger box, lol. I will probably when I finish more Chats separate them into rings by Company!
DMC in Flossaway bags, beads in containers, metallics in a bag.

The big thing I did last year was sort all my non-DMC leftovers into colour groups in larger ziploc bags, reds, yellows, greens etc. Now when I stitch a small I use my "scraps" bag first. Easier than going through 400+DMC!
I keep all flosses in floss away bags, I keep all beads in their original packets in a box. I have a note book that everything is written in so I cross ref with that if I want to check if I have anything before I start a new project. I then keep everything in two large plastic boxes, one for stash one for projects
Anne said…
My stash is in a bit of a mess now that I unpacked all my goodies from home. I do have my DMC flosses in a fishing tackle box on DMC cards, buttons in a tin and cylinder, lace in a clay pot I made in art education class, linen in a tin from my mom-in-law, fabric in a bag, and well that's about it for organization. It's a very helter skelter system that I need to spend some time sorting. I suppose I do use baggies for flosses that don't have a # and my old patterns in a bay bag. Sigh, I need to organize!!
Always smiling said…
I keep my silks in polythese bags and the beads??? In tins and boxes, but just think of the pleasure of fondling all those silks when looking for what you need!
Hugs Chris x

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