Random Afternoon Question

What is/are your favorite Online Needlework Site/s?

Mine are 123stitch.com, European XS, and Cross Stitch World; and for fabrics, Picture This Plus is my go to spot. :D


Topcho said…
I like 123stitch too, and I often use 8888bg.com, which is a bulgarian only site but it's fast and easy - ordering one day, getting the stuff on the other :)
Oh, and I wanted to say - I love how I always get the random afternoon question around midnight here ! :D
Carolyn said…
I have a few that I enjoy. These are in no particular order.

Down Sunshine Lane

ABC Stitch Therapy

Stitching Bits and Bobs

Needlecraft Corner

I like having different choices. I posted this question on my blog.

I'm going to do everything I can to join you this weekend on IHSW.
Lissanne said…
Hmmm, let's see. Mine are..
Picture This Plus

I don't think I have ordered from anyone else yet. I have ordered fabrics from Polstitches and Other stores but I went through ABC Stitch and they ordered it.
Rachel said…
I have ordered (and had good experiences) from 123stitch.com (my go to place), and if they don't have it, I go to either ABCstitch.com or stitchingbitsandbobs.com. Fabric I usually get from Silkweaver or my not so local LNS if I can't get it from 123stitch, or I buy fabric from fellow stitchers. :)
natalyK said…
I have many sites that I enjoy. ABC stitch Therapy, 123stitch, cecilias samplers, stitches n things and down sunshine lane. There are so many and I use them for different reasons, need floss NOW I go to 123 stitch, new charts ABC Stitch,
Carrie said…
I have only ever shopped at
123stitch. They always have what I need and the delivery is super fast!
Mireille said…
Till now my favorites are:
Stitching bits and bobs.
But we learn every day and now i am studing the site of 123 stitch :-)
Nicola said…
SewAlong for fabric and specialist threads and beads and Leisurecraft tewkesbury for threads for me! xx
Pauline said…
My favourite site is www.peddles.nl
I buy most of my fabrics and patterns there.
Andrea said…
I usually shop at ABCstitch, cause I like the way the other items needed for the project are usually on the page too and easy to add. I like 123 stitch but not their layout so much. European Cross Stitch is wonderful for kitting up Chats. For fabrics I like PTP, silkweaver (have discovered if you join wishlist fotm the shipping is cheap and you still get what you want, and Sparklies have been gorgeous (what I have so far) I really miss The Froggy Stitcher, Karen was awesome and knowing what they had in stock was fantastic if you were buying for an exchange/present or were in a hurry :D
Lesleyanne said…
Here in the UK Sew and So is hard to beat. Order one day receive the next. Have also ordered from Down Sunshine Lane.
Sewandso is my first stop too. I also found Celtic Rose do cheap DMC though I haven't used them yet.
Crafty Kitten and Sparklies are the two hand-dyed sites I have used so far. Don't worry Polstitches, you'll be used too!
Violarium in Finland sent me my Niume charts with several freebies which was nice.
wendy111 said…
I shop around the world courtesy of the computer (and not being able to get all the things I want here in Australia)

Here is my List
Stitches and Spice - Australia (hand-dyed fabrics and I get my Chatelaine kits from here)
ABC Stitch Therapy - US
123 Stitch - US
Traditional Stitches - Canada
Sew and So - UK

Have got fabric from Sparklies and also ordered from Jardin Prive in France with very fast service!

I like stalking the postman!
Karen said…
I have several go-to's, mainly because their sales are predictable (you know, major holidays/events, like Super Bowl):
JJs Collectibles in KY
Cecilia's Samplers in MO
Wasatch Needlecraft in UT

Needlework Plus is great, because they have pretty discounted everyday prices on the basics - but she's been trying to sell her house and move to another state for months - so while she's in transition phase, she might or might not have a delay - just depends what you ask for and what's going on!

I "window shop" at SB&B, ABC, 123, Silver Needle, Shakespeare's Peddler, ECC, PTP, Silkweaver, Nordic Needle, and several others.
Heather M. said…
ABC Stitch is by far my FAVORITE! I can place my order online and click for in store pick up :) The staff is wonderful and always very helpful!

123stitch is my second choice. Their prices are great and shipping is very fast.

Everything Cross Stitch is on the list too :)

Now, after reading so many new ones, I'm off to check out some new ones!!
Dani - tkdchick said…
I definately agree with European XS. I'm a big fan of www.knowlwedgeandneedles.com
TammyK said…
I'm like you and a lot of others here 123stitch.com is a great site :)
demeter83 said…
HAED, obviosuly, and I'm going to have to try a chart from an Etsy shop called WeeLittleStitches one of these days after a friend introduced me to them (she doesn't even stitch, she just saw a combination of stitching and Serenity/Firefly and thought of me)... For supplies I would go for www.sewandso.co.uk and threads is generally ebay I'm afraid (well, you can nab a bargain occasionally).
demeter83 said…
And the next time I need fabric, I'm just working my way down this list until I find what I like!
Anne said…
Traditional Stitches for anything and 123 stitch, however, 123 stitch takes an age to come to Canada, so I prefer Traditional Stitches for speed.
mdgtjulie said…
I'm a big fan of 123stitch and HAED. I shop there daily (some window shopping, some buying) at HAED and weekly at 123 (again, some window shopping and some buying). I also shop at www.Qsnaphuggies.com as my friend Chris sells great Q snap huggies there. I have about twenty huggies she's made me and they are fabulous!!! When I'm in a Chaty mood, I shop ECS or Martina's site. I've shopped at Down Sunshine Lane (gc) and a couple of other places I don't remember as well.
Joy said…
I must admit that I have not used any of the sites except 123stitch. I do love the service and the prices. I am going to try Picture This Plus soon. You have inspired my fabric gene.

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