Stitch-A-Longs and Fabric Layovers

Mel, with Andie's help, restarted her Stitch-A-Long forum. Are you stitching a Mirabilia? How Chatelaine or HAED? Maybe a Lavender & Lace? A sampler maybe?? Well, whatever they may be, head on over for some wonderful SAL company for those and more. :D

Jenny (pronounced Yenny, cos of her Swedish heritage.... I just LOVE the sound of that), asked me awhile back about my fabric layovers, and suggested that it might be a fun post and interesting post. I told her that I've been taking the "lazy" way out recently because Thutmosis had so generously spent time putting together fabric viewers for the Mirabilia and Chatelaine designs.

So, it's as simple as selecting the charts you want from the pull down menu on the left and going to town with all the fabbies from the pull down menus on the right. Like Mouse always says, "grab a cuppa" and have a go. :D

The following is my fabric selection process:
1. Scroll down the lists till I get to something that catches my interest.
2. Take a screenshot and crop it down to size.
3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as many times as needed.
4. Scroll through my screenshots and start culling. At this point, I look at them set to different sizes and distances and start deleting.
5. Then, hubby gets called, "Sweetie..... can you come look at something?" (LOL!!! )... which leads to more culling.
6. Next, I download the fabric swatches from the fabric companies, enlarge them in Photoshop and do a layover on that version.
7. More culling follows, until I have it down to between 5-7 possibilities.
8. These get emailed to friends and posted on here for... you guess it... more culling. LOL!
9. The final handful, I sit and stew with for anywhere from days to months.

Last night, instead of stitching on Ivy (ooops, did I forget to mention that I started her? *giggle*), I did exactly the above with Enchanted Mermaid (not that I'm stitching her anytime soon.... I just drag my bum on starts, as you guys know).

PTP DaVinci

PTP Dwarf

PTP Glacier

PTP Icon

PTP Jazz

PTP Mercedes
Ooooooh.... I KNOW!!! A POLL!! :D


valerie said…
DaVinci? Or Ancient?

It's so hard to decide! I am having a hard time deciding for you. lol
Kaisievic said…
I love the idea of a poll - so clever!
Jenny said…
Dwarf = Gorgeous!
No pressure though... LOL
Lissanne said…
I LOVE her on Jazz!! Mercedes would be my second choice, but I love her on Jazz! I may have to do her on that fabric, lol!!
Mouse said…
oooo would you believe I have just made a cuppa before reading this ... oooo fame fortune hahahah .. I've chosen Glacier as I just love that colour and the mermaid seems to pop from it... love mouse xxxxx
Sarah said…
Gotta agree with Mouse. She just pops off Glacier!
Measi said…
I think glacier makes her pop the most. The only one I don't like, though, is DaVinci. Pretty fabric, but not for this design, IMHO.
Carolyn said…
I like Glacier. All of the colors from the mermaid stand out best. She comes alive on this fabric.
Rachel said…
Oooo, I like them all!!! But, I chose Mercedes (with Glacier a very very close second!)
Veronica said…
Glacier for me too with Jazz coming at a very close second.
mbroider said…
I am unable to choose between Dwarf and Glacier... I would have taken up one of those though...

Good Luck!
Joy said…
I agree with Mouse too. As I sit here with my cuppa, Glacier just popped.
The Maiden said…
I started her last year, but am going to restart on a better fabric after seeing this!
Isadarena said…
for me, it would be the color "Glacier" : the beads and crystals will pop up on it :-))
Have a lovely week-end
Glacier for me with Icon as 2nd choice.
Def not Jazz, the tail detail gets lost to me.

Hey - my word verify is "unded" - nice.

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