Friday Randomness

I've been thinking the last couple of weeks about drool... No, not the cute baby kind (that's me btw, ROFL) or the gross sleeping kind (YUCK!), but more of the dreamy, hunky kind. ;)

I've had quite a bit of requests for more hunk-worthy posts. But I feel that it is my duty, as your blogging friend, to not bore you to death with pics of hunks week after week after week. I mean, surely, that would become yawn-worthy, would it not? *claps hands over ears to muffle the screams of "NO!!!!!"

Thus the idea of a fun Friday Randomness post. Your guess is as good as mine what each week's topic would be. Don't worry... you'll get your hunks... I like looking at them too. ;) But with the vastness of ongoing topics in life and on the internet, I think I'll follow along the lines of my blog name and let randomness rule!

We watched David Tennant's final two episodes as the 10th Dr. Who last night. I've been putting it off for a few days as I really didn't want to see him go, but hubby declared that since he wasn't feeling well last night, "the sick get to choose what we watch" and thus began about 2 1/2 hours worth of heartache.

I never watched the old Dr. Who. Instead, my introduction to this character was the new BBC series where the 9th Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston. He was funny and personable. His version of the doctor was laid back and happy-go-lucky. Then, he regenerated... and we met "The Doctor."

David Tennant's "Doctor" is much different. It took me a couple of episodes to get used to him, cos he wasn't silly like Eccleson's, and he didn't make me laugh all the time. Instead, he drew me in... I felt his joy, and his pain, and his sorrow each and every episode. He was, at the same time, insane and genius. He felt things deeply–you could see it in his eyes–and in certain still moments, you could feel his despair through the grins and smiles he so bravely put on. Then, there was his crazy hair.... LOL! I love this Doctor... I'm going to miss him terribly.

DT is a brilliant actor. He reminds me of the greats where, with just a look, his eyes compel you to see into the depths of his character's soul. I made a comment to hubby that I'd love to see him and Patrick Stewart in Shakespeare. :) Of course, he's not too shabby looking either. Oh, who am I kidding, he's downright cute!!!

Now, you should know something about me... I love pretty boys. Oh don't get me wrong, I love seeing the hunks too, who wouldn't? ;) But the almost nerdy, geeky ones with the big eyes, an underlying strength, the calm (and sometimes insane) confidence, and a quick, smart mind draw me in.

There's something about them... it's like you know that when push comes to shove, no matter what the circumstance, they have everything necessary to see things through. Any wonder why I married hubby? ;)

I'm going to wish you all a wonderful weekend to some pics of DT...


Joyce - you make me laugh so much.

DT was ok, but the new Dr., Matt Smith, he is really good...
Mouse said…
well I almost got a hunk .. think he's pretty cute actually and wow you were a cutie pie when you were little
I started watching dr who with John Pertwee as the dr .. now who's showing her age and they were in black and white too heheheh ... love mouse xxxx
Topcho said…
Aww we all love the pretty boys! At least I do! and not only the animated ones, lol! DT is so cuuute XD Def a hunk there!
Rachel said…
The first Dr. Who episode I saw was with Christopher Eccleston. I missed a lot, and then found it again and David Tennant was Dr. Who. At first I was a little irritated, lol. But then, I fell in love with David Tennant. I have not watched the new Dr. Who yet, I am afraid of being dissapointed. I would like all of David Tennant's episodes on DVD someday, if that's possible, lol, just so I can watch him, hehehe.

He is so hunky, in a geeky nerdy type of way, I just love him. :)

Enough of me rambling, lol!
cucki said…
hello dear, lovely post like always..
have fun and have a lovely weekend xx
Lesleyanne said…
I have watched Dr Who for years but DT is my absolute favourite. I could watch him alllll the time. Such gorgeous photos. Matt Smith is just not the same, really can't get into it now. Thanks for sharing.
Lissanne said…
Yeah, I so miss him as the Dr. They need to regenerate him back. It could be the first time they did that! I think that I will never love anyone that plays his as much as DT. He was made for the role.
I LOVE Dr Who & DT. I haven't watched any of the new ones as I'm afraid I'll be disappointed.
I will join you in watching DT & PS doing Shakespeare! That would be a great day!
rosey175 said…
The only Dr. Who I've watched is the one with the 11th doctor. My other half is the one that got me watching the show - he likes redheads.

...He can like Amy all he wants 'cause I just adore Matt Smith. :D He's just the right amount of dork.
Jenny said…
I have never watched Dr Who, but you have me convinced now... maybe I'm even ready to skip my second round of Murder She Wrote and start on something new?

I am with you about nerds - I only get warmed up by men that are intelligent, which to me includes great humor and some good self-distance. I also learned early that boys (and girls) that were considered very good looking never had to develop an interesting personality. Boring!!!
keebles said…
I have watched Doctor Who practically my whole life...Tom Baker (no 4) was my first one, and IMO, David Tennant is, far and way, the best Doctor hands down! Although David's final episodes had me bawling like a baby, seeing everyone in the Tardis running it was quite possibly one of the finest moments of the series! And Rose finally got the ending she deserved...that's what made me happy!

I also put off watching Matt's doctor and when I finally did, I WAS disappointed. I do still watch it out of loyalty, but I wait until the DVD comes out and watch it at one time instead of week by week.

But as far as geeky versus hunky, I don't see David as geeky at all! He's totally hunky to me! Wanna see him as a serious baddy? Try Secret Smile.
Anne said…
Lol! I lost my train of thought after seeing those pictures!! What was I going to say....he's adorable!! I definitely prefer geeky, but sometimes hunky if he's like Aragorn in LOTR. He's my ultimate man. Keep up the randomness my dear!!

David Tennant was the Stitch a Star in issue 189 of Cross Stitcher mag, and my sub started at issue 191. How annoying is that! I was going to cut him out and send him your way.
ps I had to look that up, I don't have them memorised! A Star
♥ Nia said…
I have to say it!!! Your posts make me laugh like a crazy person!!! ROTFL!!! :D

I hope you're having a great weekend!! :D Hugs&smiles
Always smiling said…
Hi Joyce

Thank you for your comments on my blog.. I love DT too but don't watch much of Dr Who any more. I did when my chiildren were at home.It was on at saturday tea time...
I thought I was a follower of your blog but wasn't so put that right and now I will see what you get up to!! LOL
Hugs Chris x
threadbear said…
Love love love DT - Matt Smith is good, but just not the same!

And what a cute baby you were!
Maureen said…
thanks for sharing the piccies - I am quite partial to a bit of DT. We are huge doctor who fans in our house. I think Matt Smith is brilliant and have been loving this latest series, am now waiting impatiently for the series finale on Saturday!
demeter83 said…
I do love DT so I can completely understand your obsession? The only person higher up the list (apart from other half obviously) is Richard Armitage who is also gorgeous and a great actor.
As far as DT and Partick Stewart and Shakespeare, it exists... I don't know what release this got outside teh UK but it was shown at Christmas either last year or the year before and has been realsed on DVD (but again, don't know what coverage/release outside of the UK).
Anyway, here's the link for the details:
Hamlet on BBC
Stitching Noni said…
I love Dr Who! I grew up with Dr Who and remember hiding behind the couch when I little as it was so scary! Tom Baker is my favourite, but I love David Tennant. So miss him as Dr Who - Matt Smith is good but he is so not David Tennant....

Enjoy :o)
mdgtjulie said…
I hate to admit it, but I know nothing about Dr. Who except it's a TV show. Sorry, Joyce. But he is cute!!
Measi said…
I miss Tennant's Doctor terribly. Matt Smith is okay, but the last two seasons have been incredibly distant and cold feeling, which really surprises me. I've loved Moffat's episodes - but I just cannot get into his vision of the series. :(

Tennant is fantastic. I had the pleasure of seeing him with Patrick Stewart in Hamlet when it was playing at the RSC stage in Stratford-upon-Avon in 2008 (as well as Loves Labors Lost). The movie version is great - it is the same cast from the stage play. Costumes are the same, although the staging is different (since it's a movie).

I highly recommend it. I think you can purchase it through PBS or BBC America's websites.

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