IHSW September - Show and Tell

Hellooooo Hermitters. :D How were your weekends?? 66 Hermitters this month!!!! WOW!! I'm stunned and ecstatic and can't wait to check out your blogs!!!

I didn't have as hermitty (LOL!!! This is great, I'm making up all kinds of 'hermit' words. Webster would be rolling around in his grave...) a weekend as I'd have liked. *hangs head in shame*

I have discovered that watching Dr. Who is very bad for hermitting. We must've finished 1 1/2 seasons over the weekend. It's too addictive, and David Tennant is just so darn cute! I can't wait for BBC's Season 2 of Sherlock Holmes!

But I digress... I know you guys wanna see pics... of HUNKS!! HAHAHAHA!! Today, I'm going to have to disappoint and show some mermie pics instead. ;) Now... I will say that I had to scroll up to start work on their upper bodies, and was too lazy to unscroll to take a full picture. However, I use a photo-stitch program and I thought it turned out pretty good. Please excuse the fact that they're not lined up 100%.

Before: Sept. 15, 2011

After: Sept. 18, 2011
Xeihua is stitching a Mistery piece and can't show it over on her blog cos the recipient will see. So, I'm posting it here. Isn't it pretty? :D She has a new start on her blog for IHSW, so do check it out. :)

Xeihua's WIP: QS Reflections

I'm going to relist the links of September's hermitters here, so it's easier access. Enjoy all the gorgeous pics!!!


Heli said…
Thanks for hosting IHSW, I'm finding lots of interesting blogs to add to my Google Reader because of it. :)

Uhmm... I think you got the dates on the pictures slightly wrong, but gorgeous progress all the same. :)
Pauline said…
It is a beautiful mermaid!
Anne said…
LUV the mermaid!! She's coming along!! I think David is pretty darn cute too! I should start watching Dr. Who too. I just watched the first episode of the first season of Sherlock Holmes and I love it!!

cucki said…
thank you for hosting the lovely weekend dear..i really had lots of fun and stitching picture is on my blog..
mermaid is looking so sweet..well done..
hugs xx
Donna said…
Such a beautiful project and great progress. I also didn't have as much time as I would have liked this IHSW to stitch but I think you have done quite a bit !!!
Lesleyanne said…
Sorry to have missed this weekend. Stitching for exchanges so couldn't show anything anyway. Oooh David Tenant - drooling over keyboard. Great progress on the Mermaids.
threadbear said…
Those colours are stunning! I didn't get as much done as I would like either but I was with you all in spirit while I was away from my frame :-)
Vani said…
Mermaids looks great!!! I look forward to your updates!
demeter83 said…
You got loads done, and it's so beautiful!
And yes, Doctor Who, very distracting. David Tennant, whole new lever of distraction, love it!
valerie said…
Your mermaids are looking great. I am in love with that lagoon linen!I'll post my progress tonight after the gym. :)
Esther said…
Mermaid looks great.
Had a wonderful hermit weekend....took a swing at hubbie....hmmmmzzz....I missed....he took a look at your blog....and is disappointed about your progress....but heeeyyy he thinks sherlock was worth it. Whahahahaha LMAO!!!!!!!!
The Maiden said…
The tails are really starting to get some definition, I Love it! I am full of fabric envy right now!
missy said…
Hi Joysce. Thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I'm feeling a bit better physically but mentally I feel great. :)
Your stitching is superb.

I just started watching Dr. Who on Netflix last week. I'm hooked.

Looking forward to another Hermit weekend.
Bec said…
66 Hermitters! wow it is really catching on. You have to keep this going into the new year! :)

Very nice progress on your mermaids. I love the green on the blue fabby :)
Ewa said…
Wow! Your progress is great, as usual! I still don't know how you do it, but it's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and for organizing such a fun event!
ArabicaMix said…
Joyce, Again, the new design and very beautiful.
Your always a mermaid in a very beautiful background. Good luck!
Mouse said…
oooo that was a lot of hermities out there ... one of these days I will figure how to put the hermit tag in my blog ..lol .. your stitching is coming along beautifully and *sob no hunks ...of to go and sulk now hhahahahaha ...love mouse xxxx
The mermaids are sooo pretty!!
I'm so sad that again I wasn't able to join you all as a fellow-hermit. But next month I'll be there!!
Kaisievic said…
Thanks for hosting IHSW - I loved the whole idea. I got lots done and it sounds like you had a good weekend, too. Doctor Who is great!
Melissa said…
Thanks so much for hosting IHSW. It was fun seeing everyone's work! Your mermaids are looking great, and I also can't wait for season 2 of Sherlock to come out.
purplesunset24 said…
Wonderful progress... Absolutely beautiful.

I can't wait to visit everyone's blogs.
♥ Nia said…
Can't wait for next month so I can join the fun!! :D
Have a great week!
Hugs&Smiles to you
Xeihua (Sara) said…
Thanks for sharing my progress :)
I'm really happy that IHSW is getting so famous that way we will have even more blogs to read (Stalk) eheh.
Love your mermaids and what a great progress you did. I wouldn't have done half if I had Doctor Who to distract me xD
The mermaid project is looking really cool so far, and the fabric that you're using for it is so pretty! The program you spliced it together with looks pretty effective, too.

Xeihua's project seems to be cool so far, too! It looks extremely detailed.
Lissanne said…
YOur mermaids are GORGEOUS!! They are coming along so beautifully. I have never heard of a photo stitch program. What is the name of it?

Dr. Who is one of my favs! Personally I think the new Dr. Who needs to regenerate to being David Tennant again, just saying, lol.
shio said…
the last wekeen was great, thnx so much for organize and hot the ihsw!!
the mermaid is a cool project :D
TammyK said…
Nice progress on the mermaids. I love watching shows in a marathon manner.
Tama said…
Pretty, pretty fish tails!
Veronica said…
Now, now, Joyce. How can your mermaid piccies be disappointments? So pretty... Sigh! I REALLY need to get started on this one.


P.S. I'm waiting for more hunks next post :P
Susan said…
Great progress! David Tennant defines distraction (okay he's not the only one, but one distraction at a time!) So glad to hear that a second season of Sherlock is on it's way - loved the first one. I thought Sherlock would make a wonderfully quirky Doctor Who.
Julie said…
Thanks for leaving a comment :)
Never been a fan of Dr Who.The theme tune and the daleks always had me hiding behind the sofa as a kid.But love Sherlock.

Mermaid is looking good.
Topcho said…
Mermaids are gorgeous! DR who has been on my list for some time, but I want to get over with Dr House and Star Trek.
And so this is Xeihua's MP :) I just commented on her blog for the new start. The MP is beatiful and she's working really hard on it!

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