IHSW - September

Calling all hermiters!!! It's that time again... are you ready for International Hermit and Stitch Weekend?

Oh boy, are these months flying by or what?? Lots of you are experiencing cooler weather, and with the kids back in school and the busy summer months put away for another year, I hope you'll be able to find a little time for yourself this weekend to Hermit and Stitch. :D

As promised, we now have an IHSW button (on the sidebar). Feel free to nab it and use it as you see fit. ;) Don't you guys just love "Hermie? I asked Heidi (of the Lion drawing fame) for the line art and my friend Andi added the color and background. Isn't he adorable??? :D

I also added an IHSW tab at the top of the blog. It consists of a short write up about International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, some simple rules, and a FAQ section. If there are questions that I didn't think of, please let me know and I'll add them in. ;)


Jenny said…
Oh my goodness - Hermie is a cutie! Love her!
The button is really cute! I just added it to my blog, though, and in the HTML, I had to add an "http://" before your web address, because it was doing some really odd things in terms of what link it would try to go to. I'm not sure if that's true for everyone, but I wanted to let you know that it had gone slightly wonky before too much time had gone by.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend- hopefully, I can make something cool!
demeter83 said…
I'm out this month unfortunately, away for the weekend.
Have fun!
Esther said…
LMAO!!!!!! I love the question about kicking the husband and kids out of the house!!!! I think I'm gonna give you his emailadress ROFLLLLLL!!!
Agi said…
Hi Joysze,

With your permission I have changed your web address behind Hermie to
because it automatically brings up the tab on the top with all the necessary info.

Agi from Hungary, greetings to all the hermits (or hermitters? :) )
Blu said…
Wait. It's the 3rd weekend already???

Kudos to Heidi such a cute icon.
I'll be out of town Saturday for a birthday party. I'm hoping to get some good stitching time in on Sunday though.
Love the hermit, he is adorable!
Mia said…
I can't get the button to work... it gives me "miamaria67.blogspot.com/http://joysze.blogspot.com/" and a page with a notice that something went wrong... :(
Julie said…
Cannot believe its the Hermit SAL already,wheres the time going?lol.Anyway i'm in.

Mermaid looks so good on that colour fabric.

I'm having trouble to with the side button too. :(
Topcho said…
Oh my, oh my, oh my, Hermie is so CUTE!!! <3 This Saturday will probably be a work day here, but I'll try and hermit as much as possible on Sunday!
Mouse said…
ooo hermie is a sweetie ..lol and have signed up as all being well I shall get some done this weekend yeahhhhh :) will nick hermie later... ps still drooling from earlier post ;) love mouse xxxx
mdgtjulie said…
I'm in, as usual. I love the hermit crab. He's too cute!! I hope to get lots done!!!
mdgtjulie said…
Okay, I nabbed Hermie, and put him on my blog. The problem is, when I click him it takes me to a page that says page not found. And it says the page in on my blog not yours. Do you know if I've done something wrong?
Anne said…
Love the Hermit taggy thing!! Super cute! Yay Heidi and Andi for making such a great tag!! I added it along with including myself to hermit away this weekend. Looking forward to getting some things finished and some started :D
Claudette497 said…
I'm in, I need it, and I'm so glad it's here! I love the mascot!
Rachel said…
I am in!! And Hermie is too cute!! I didn't have any problems with the HTML for him either. I added it to my blog, and when I click the picture, I go right to your blog. :)
Bec said…
*steals button* :D
It's so cute! putting up on my blog now.

3rd weekend of Spetember already??? Your joking! This year is going way too quick!!

I hope you continue on with IHSW next year. Thanks for hosting a fantastic SAL :D
Agi said…
Hi Joyce,

What do you think about adding the links of hermitting posts to the tab? Then anyone can find easily where to sign up and where can we see each other later.

Can it possibly be a month already???

Of course I'm in :)

Have added little Hermie to my sidebar too.
Ewa said…
Yay! I'm excited. Thanks for doing this! Added the adorable little hermit to my sidebar :)
Ineke said…
The Hermie button is very cute! I am going to add it to my sidebar. And stitch and stitch and stitch during the weekend, probably Herbularius ;o)
cucki said…
hello dear, its me cucki..your new friend from south africa..please count me in..
hermie is so sweet..
hugs and kisses xx
If the button takes you to a page that says 'page not found' then copy the web address of the page you want it to take you to (i suggest Joysze's IHSW page, but you could choose any page) and then cut and paste the address into the HTML text between the "marks" where it currently has Joysze blog address. Then it will work just fine.

Love the button its fab, I've nabbed it and anyone clicking on it will go straight to the IHSW page :-D

I'm hermiting this weekend. I have no plans other than stitching, its my frst weekend of just stitching for months and months. I'm so looking forward to it.
Yuki said…
Looking forward to this weekend!!!
Xeihua (Sara) said…
The months are really flying away :)
The Hermie is so cute.. I've copied it to my blog too, I couldn't resist eheh.. I love your tab for ISHW, hope I can catch up on my MP during the weekend :) Thanks for all your hard work on the IHSW :)
jcat0629 said…
Hermie is adorable! I'll participate this weekend with everyone though I deleted my blog a long time ago. Maybe this can be a good excuse to get another up & running! I do love the rules for IHSW.

Thank you for organizing this J, and it's really cool to see everyone's blogs each month.
rosey175 said…
I'd like to participate even if I'm a n00b~ I need the motivation to finish up a piece that is sooo close~
Veronica said…
Oooh... For the first time, I'm in. Hermie's so cute. I'll add the logo and link to my blog. As IHSW coincides with the Mirabilia SAL on Love4Stitching forum, I'll probably be working on my Garden Verses. Then again, I'm still stitching on Romantique Sampler as well... LOL!
shio said…
hi from mexico! :D
is really a pleasure to be part of IHSW!!!
meet other stitchers, other styles of blogs
this crab is very cute, love it
I have known your blog through Dork Stich ^^
Andrea said…
I'm here :D I will be stitching on Deepest Love
Lonneke said…
Woohoo! I can join again. Now that I have my own room, I will barricade the door, leaving only a little crack for DB to pass me some chocolat and cappucino through! :)
This thing is growing really big. So nice!
Love Hermie
Hazel said…
I'll join in. I have a question... Do you need to stay in all weekend? xx
missy said…
Hope I'm not to late to join. I have the new JCS Halloween Collection book,a new pack of needles and enough fabric with floss to keep me out of trouble all weekend.
Melissa said…

I am new to IHSW and blogging-just started this week. I can't wait to see everyone's pics!
Anonymous said…
im in, i need some seriou stitching to happen this weekend, planning on plenty of movies and lots of stitching!

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