Random Afternoon Question & September TUSAL

I forgot to post my September ORTs for Daffycat's TUSAL yesterday, so here it is with lots of pretty, pretty greens from Mermaids of the Deep Blue.

On to today's question... it's been on my mind on and off for almost a year now:

Should I change the look of my blog? Please feel free to elaborate in the comments section. :)
I love this look. I practically built it from scratch and it says so much about me... my love of nature, earth tones, stitching, and cute stuff. Hubby took the header pic when during one of our many visits to the Morikami Museum, and it suited what I wanted for this blog to a tee–a place to lay oops I meant sit (although a lot of you might want to lay when viewing hunky pictures... HAHAHA!) back, relax, and enjoy eye-candy.

However, all sentimentality aside, I'm wondering if it's starting to look old-fashioned. Everyone I've asked has said "NO!! LEAVE IT!"... that it's soothing and relaxing. I can see that, I can, and there is comfort in familiarity; but I'm wondering if maybe I should go the route of... I don't know... something else.


Agi said…
if you like your blog then you should not change it! I did not like mine, since it was just a standard from blogspot any I wanted to customise it a little, but I think your is quite unique, so stick to this one!
Vani said…
I really like the look and feel of your blog. The layout is very nice, easy to follow. Its got a very calming feel to it! And you love it, so keep it!
Xeihua (Sara) said…
If you like you shouldn't change it :) and I like it too because it does give that relaxing feeling and just lay back and enjoy to complement your posts :)
threadbear said…
If it ain't broke ... don't fix it! I think it looks fab :-)
Rachel said…
Personally, I think you should leave it alone, especially if it fits you so well. It's very personal, and when you find something that's just perfect for you, I wouldn't change it. (I haven't found that perfect something yet, so I change mine every season, lol). I love your blog, and I agree, it is very peaceful. :)
cucki said…
i love the look of your blog and it is very sweet..
lovely tusal jar with full of fun colors..
keep well and have a lovely day..hugs xx
I like the way your blog looks- it's easy to read, and very nice looking, too. Fancy layouts can be nice, but I think something simple that fits your content is best.
Pauline said…
I don't like it if someone change from lay-out.
your background is just good!
I keep mine as well, i love it, still it is simple but yes, it tells who you are!
Lissanne said…
LMAO - lay looking at hunky pictures, you are too hilarious!! I love the look of your blog! However, if you want to change it for a while, then try a change and if you don't like it then change it back. I get tired of mine at times, so I just grab another design and change it up to something that will make me happier. Do what makes you happy.
Mouse said…
I've voted no as I do love your blog its sooo easy on the eye and able to see things very clearly ;) and ROFL re the hunks .. I don't lie down just have loads of drool to mop up heheheh..... mind you have a play and see if there is another design you like you can always change it back ... well you do have the knowledge :) love mouse xxxx
Jenny said…
I love it and think that you should leave it as is, especially since you like it and it is so personal.

It was really cool to find out more about your design, so thanks for sharing. I especially love your header pic, the linen-looking "frame, and the Asian looking font that you used for your blog-title. Nice! :-)
Kate said…
I like the look of your site and because you designed it yourself I think it has more meaning. It does say a lot about a person. I think my blog just screams (woman who cant make up her blinking mind!). If I was able to design one myself then I would, and you never know I might stick to it. But I think yours is really nice - but if you want to try something different then you can, it could even be better than this one! and if you don't like it then you have this one. Sorry that's a bit of a long comment.
Carolyn said…
Nice jar of colors! I like the look of your blog.

It does help to keep somewhat calm when looking at the hunks. :)

I do enjoy your blog easy to navigate. If you want to change it and see how you feel do. You can always change it back.

I can't seem to settle on one way or the other.

Karen said…
I like the way this blog looks - even if I get here via the breadcrumbs without watching where I'm going, I always know right where I am when I see that gorgeous picture!

One of these days, I'm gonna get in on TUSAL :)
Anne said…
I voted no too because I love it and it makes me think of you. But if you feel the need to change it a bit, go ahead and see if you like it, we will still follow you and love what you change. ROFLLMAO re the hunks and the lay bit.

You are too funny my dear!!

♥ Nia said…
I think you have no need to change your blog layout!

If it's you, if it's just like you want it, why change? :) Your layout is very nice!

Lonneke said…
nope. It's really nice. You can see you put a lot of effort in it. I like it.

Off course, nothing lasts forever...
Chris McGuire said…
That is a really full TUSAL. Way to go.
Don't change it, I'm easily confused!

I was lucky with my blog background, I randomly tried a few standard ones and LOVE the red I chose.

ps only 1 more follower until 200!!
rosey175 said…
I think you should change your layout to nothing but pictures of lovely mens everywhere. Even links should pop up a hunk as you hover over them.

In all seriousness (not that I would mind all the yummies), I think if it suits you, you should keep it. I personally find it a joy to visit as it's so uncluttered and doesn't overwhelm me with a million blinking images! If you're longing for a new look, maybe start with little tweaks like color changes? You can always come back to this layout (assuming you save it, lol)!

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