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While it had been expected for a while, it still came as a shock when news broke a couple of days ago that Steve Jobs has passed away after years of fighting pancreatic cancer.

I won't take up too much time echoing all the sentiments that has and will be said about him, other than that I agree with everything and I'm very much saddened with his passing. He was a true visionary and has forever changed the way we communicate, and I can only imagine the heights and depths that technology could and would have gone if he had won his battle.

What I will get into is the fact that in the 21st century, with all our medical and technological advances, cancer still runs rampant. Diagnosis seems to multiply faster than breeding bunnies, and every second more people are having their worlds turned upside down and inside out.

One of my friends was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer last year and they did a mastectomy on that breast. Months of chemo and radiation followed, but she came out of it with her positive outlook intact. A few weeks ago, they found "something." They sent her for a CT scan, which was non-conclusive, so an MRI followed. After days of waiting for the results, and not getting promised calls, she called them. Long story short, "Not sure what it is," they told her, "could be lymph nodes, could be something else, so come back in 6 months and we'll see." Okay, like.... WTF???!! How does that even make sense???! This is someone with a history of cancer (her dad died of cancer too) and their answer is 'wait and see???'

Hubby was reading about a colon cancer patient's experience, and how he went to see two specialists: an oncologist who wanted to do radiation and a surgeon who wanted to do surgery. Neither was willing to discuss other options. Now, I realize that those are their fields, and that's where they make their money. But when did it happen where doctors have a complete disregard for the welfare of their patients and only think about the bottom line??! When did it go from a healthcare profession to seeing patients as numbers?

There is a believe out there that the cure for cancer exist. I agree with that. I know there are all sorts of cancer and each one is different and would need a different cure, but there is something out there. *cue X-Files music* ;) But as long as pharmaceutical companies can charge upwards of $500 for one pill and with the foothold they have as lobbyists, it seems hopeless to think that the cure for cancer would ever be allowed to see the light of day.

And yet.. hope HAS to spring eternal, or else, where would we be?

Do you know what hope is?
It's magic and it's free
It's not in a prescription
It's not in an IV

It punctuates our laughter
It sparkles in our tears
It simmers under sorrows
And dissipates our fears

Do you know what hope is?
It's reaching past today
It's dreaming of tomorrow
It's trying a new way

It's pushing past impossible
It's pounding on the door
It's questioning the answers
It's always seeking more

It's rumours of a breakthrough
It's whispers of a cure
A roller-coaster ride
Of remedies unsure

Do you know what hope is?
It's candy for the soul,
It's perfume for the spirit,
To share it makes you whole

~Author Unknown~


Pauline said…
O, almost make me cry....:(
Mireille said…
Joyces at such moments we are taken again with our 2 feets back to the earth.

Xeihua (Sara) said…
I loved your post, the poem is amazing, and you're so right regarding the pharmaceutical companies and the attitudes of some doctors.... the "6 month wait to come back" there are no words to describe the attitude. Our luck is that despite everything scientists are still trying to find the several cures for the several cancers and they are doing some progress, and there are some good people in the world that would be able to help the ones that need to pay for the $500 pill for the cure... and will fight for the price to come down :) we just have to have HOPE :D
Anne said…
I share your sentiments completely Joyce. Why would the pharmaceutical companies allow a cure for cancer to exist when they make billions on pills?! My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. Luckily she is in remission and has been okay for awhile. Also, her doctors have been good to her and if she ever comes in with a pain, they check it out immediately. I'm not sure if this is just her doctor, or Canadian doctors in general, but I'm glad they take peoples pains seriously, for the most part, and get it checked out. My prayers goes out to your friend and she should demand that they get her tested.
Mouse said…
I'm with you all the way on this one ... hope your friend gets her self sorted real quick ... I am tested every 6/12 mths depending on my parpaprotein levels and I have wonderful doctors all round for my conditions *VBG ....
love the poem btw :) love mouse xxxx
cucki said…
i love your post so much..and the poem is great...
lots of hugs for you and for your friend..cucki xx
Carolyn said…
You post made me cry.

It made me think of the song by Black Eyed Peas-Where is the love?

I will keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs to both of you.

Rhona said…
What a great poem. Hope your friend can get some conclusive answers...wishing her all the best.
Novia said…
Today is the era of Evidence Based Medicine, where the management of diseases is not decided by the specialty of the doctor, but based on evidence of which best options. Websites like,, and provide good research resources.
Heather said…
I've done cancer research in the past and let me just say the pharmaceutical companies make research difficult, they of course do not want to share any of there findings to the researchers really hindering research.
Having known people who had and died of pancreatic cancer he lived a lot longer then most, both of the people I knew died within 3 months of learning they had that type of cancer :/.
♥ Nia said…
The absurd side of the world we live in =/
I lost people. I know others who are sick. I even know someone who was sent home to 'wait and we'll see'.. and I couldn't understand how that works, I thought 'only in my country!!!'
Looks like it's the same thing everywhere... =(

I hope your friend will receive good news and soon!!!
jcat0629 said…
Joyce I love the poem! If each person on earth gave just a tiny amount of energy to simply hope, how much we could accomplish. I lost my Dad to cancer. It affects lives on so many different levels. Thank you for posting this!

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