Friday Randomness

Guess what? I don't have to be at work today. Yeehaw!!! Nope, I didn't take the day off, but after calculating my hours yesterday, I discovered that with a couple of my students being sick this week, I spent more time in the office than usual and I'm all done for the week!

So after calling my boss, I could either go back to bed or start stitching. It's now an hour later, and I'm still mucking around. ;)

Thanks for all your support on the Mermie challenge. Sara is such a good enticer, dangling the promise of showing me her finished piece and before I know it, I'd jumped in and the trap is sprung!!.. so I better wrap this up and get my act in order if I'm going to have a finish to show you guys. ;)

Yesterday, hubby sent me a link to some Paper Cut Art. I can't remember that exact link so I ran a google search. The talents of these artists are mind blowing. I find myself sitting and staring, slack jawed, at the intricacy and grace of this art form. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, and do click on the links to see more. (I am only posting but a mere few of of these talents and invite you to discover more on your own.)

by Emma van Leest - CLICK FOR MORE

by Aoyama Hina - CLICK FOR MORE
by Peter Callesen - CLICK FOR MORE

by Yulia Brodskaya - CLICK FOR MORE

by Chris Natrop - CLICK FOR MORE

by Bovey Lee - CLICK FOR MORE

by Tomoko Shioyasu - CLICK FOR MORE


Rachel said…
Wow, those paper art pieces are gorgeous! And so intricate!! It's mind blowing.

Glad you have the day off to stitch today!!! :) Enjoy! :)
Carolyn said…
I can't wait to see your finished Mermie. You Go!!!!

Enjoy the day off!

Wow thanks for sharing the paper cuts. I had no idea such a thing existed. I am impressed. They are very talented.
cucki said…
enjoy the day off dear and have a lovely stitchy time :)
the paper art pieces are so beautiful..thank you for sharing.
have a lovely weekend xxx
Xeihua (Sara) said…
I hope your enjoying your extra stitching day eheheh.. And thanks for sharing the papercuts artwork, I'm actually a fan of Peter Callesen... I just love the way how he plays with paper cutting and paper folding to make such amazing pieces, (and I saw once a video of him actually making the pieces and it was amazing his precision) but I didn't know the others and they are amazing too :D Thank you for sharing ;)
Sarah said…
Wow the paper art is stunning - thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy your day off and the weekend!
Shannon said…
I got to see some gorgeous paper cut art last month at an art show. It is so amazing what they can do!
Lesleyanne said…
The paper art is stunning. Enjoy your day stitching - looking forward to seeing your finish.
Pauline said…
What a beautiful paper-art!
I love the pictures.
In the Netherlands paper-art is a art from long ago, i don't know the name of it in English.
Kaisievic said…
The paper art is soooo amazing! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox
Anne said…
WOW!! That's amazing! I think I need to learn how to do this!! Glad to hear you got the rest of the day off..whoohoo!!
Always smiling said…
Wow that paper art is amazing, how clever.. are you going to have a go??? LOL

Chris xx
Jennifer M. said…
Those pictures of absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing those with us. :)

nikkin said…
You always make my Fridays, thanks for the beautiful paper art pics! Hope you have a wonderful stitchy weekend!

Donna said…
This work is soo stunning and intricate !!! I LOVE it and never would have found it if you hadn't posted it !, Thanks
TammyK said…
Glad you got a day off :) Those are awesome pics. I love the one by Yulia Brodskaya.
Veronica said…
Wow! They're indeed amazing. My favourites are the tree and the colorful yet simple design by Yulia Brodskaya. Gorgeous!

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